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How to Overcome a Lose-Streak?

Overcome a Lose-Streak

First things first, let's define the term so we can get deeper into the subject. The losing streak (sometimes called the cold streak or a slide) is a string of defeats to various players in a row or a protracted streak of failure to win. So in the main, it's the antonym to a winning streak. 

Naturally, many existing sports teams go through this, as well as players, based on multiple personal factors that can lead them to such a depressive state. But still, this is just another side of the coin, and here we'll break down the ways how to spin it again and get back to the hot streak. 

  1. Set your mood to positive thinking. Get all your grievances out of the way, and then it's time to get serious and look for solutions. Sometimes players find it challenging to break the cycle of complaining, and as a result, they get stuck in this quicksand of despondency and seem unable to change things. One must ultimately decide whether to focus on identifying problems or solutions. But always keep in mind that time doesn't wait for anyone. 
  2. Get better every day, no matter what. It is a crucial point in times when dismal overcomes you. Yes, it sounds a bit hard, but this is exactly what you need to do. Only by putting yourself to the test and breaking your limits can you assess your current standing and determine what has to be improved. When competing, put forth consistent effort so you can track your development. 
  3. Gain confidence. Know your strengths. Always try to be the best version of yourself! You must, in a nutshell, be aware of your identity as a player (purpose, strengths, game style, personality, etc.). A player experiencing a losing streak frequently tends to complicate matters or has strayed from their preferred playing approach. So, give yourself some time to sit and write down what makes you unique. Describe your playing style, personality, strengths, etc., in writing. Creating some kind of map in this way will help you get back on track and not lose your future path. 
  4. Recognize the purpose of these cycles, which is to challenge you as a player and a person. Make friends with this struggle. You develop resilience and a tolerance to withstand even more difficult challenges by viewing these times as opportunities to grow. At this point, it is extremely significant to make sure you are surrounded by hardworking, upbeat coaches and teammates who will keep you accountable no matter what. Continue looking, working hard, and making progress day after day. 
  5. Always keep track of your progress. It's essential to remember why you do things and the benefits they got you so far. Again, you can write them down by hand or use your phone. Just choose the way that'll allow you to record anytime and anywhere. When your aims and achievements exist only in your head, it's pretty hard to recall all of them when they are needed, and they may be subject to distortion, which could also be harmful. So, just give yourself a cool extra option of a retrospective! 

All in all, these 5 steps aren't a golden formula, but still, the described ways can help you get out of the losing streak struggle and return to your path with fresh thoughts and vital motivation. So whenever anxiety intensifies, repeat the abovementioned techniques and follow these mind-setting words and get back to your thing — don't worry, compare, expect too fast, and be kind to yourself.

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