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How Much Money Should You Take to a Casino?

The amount of money to take to a casino is a complex question. The answer will be determined by a lot of different factors. These factors range from personal preferences to the specific casino you’re playing at, and the games and bonuses that the casino offers.

For the sake of simplicity, we will consider brick and mortar casinos and online casinos like Slotty Vegas casino at the same time. Determining how much money to take is the same for both, even though when playing online players have essentially limitless funding due to bank transfers being only a few clicks away.

Defining the Bankroll

The key term to be discussed is “Bankroll”. It is basically a fancy term for a budget. The bankroll determines how much money one can afford to spend on casino gaming.

Remember one thing when deciding on the bankroll: it should be treated as an investment. When taking the money from your monthly budget, do it under the assumption that you will be unlucky and might lose it all.

So, do not get carried away by thoughts of winning and increasing the bankroll, as luck is unreliable by its very nature. Always make sure you have money left for food, rent, bills, emergencies et cetera.

If you do win money, that’s great news! It means the investment paid off. If you lose it all, then it won’t put any financial stress on you.

Most people define a bankroll on a weekly or monthly basis. If the bankroll dries out, that’s it. No more gambling until the next bankroll ‘reset’. If the urge to keep gambling is a serious issue, consider utilizing the various resources and functions for gambling addiction.

The original question is almost answered: How much money should you take to a casino? As much as you can afford to throw away in a high-risk investment.

Next Steps: Using the Bankroll

Although you know how to decide on the bankroll, there is an additional step – wisely using the bankroll. If you do not know how to use the bankroll, you will not be able to play properly. Your money will keep running out too quickly.

The general rule of thumb is to use at most 5% of the bankroll in one wager. If your bankroll is $100, the maximum you should stake is $5.

Let’s assume that after a few wins, the bankroll has increased to $150. Now, the bet size can be raised to $7.50. After taking losses, lower the bet size as well.


Deciding how much money to take to a casino tends to be a tricky business. Whether you are a normal player or a high roller, a lot of thought goes into the bankroll. Some other factors can determine the size of the bankroll, such as whether there is a minimum bet requirement or an extravagant promotional bonus for players. While it’s good to consider those, keep the key tenets mentioned above in mind at all times.

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