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How Could Mobile Games Adapt to the Fold?

Mobile Games Adapt

Smartphones are some of the most innovative gadgets around and have caused a communication revolution since their inception in the early 2010s.

Their success is no coincidence: for the first time, people could carry devices that worked like a computer and fit into their pockets.

As such, their adoption was so widespread there’s hardly anyone without some kind of smartphone in the world today. Everyone wants to be on top of the game when developing and releasing new smartphone technologies.

One of the best examples of this is folding smartphones.

Why Are Folding Smartphones So Special?

To start, foldable smartphones are still a novelty, and many people are interested in being ahead of everyone else. These are tech enthusiasts who companies rely on as early adopters.

Aside from that, foldable smartphones have a central selling point: get more screen size with the same portability as a regular smartphone. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has a 6.7-inch display when opened but measures just 1.9 inches when closed.

With larger screens, companies are also interested in these devices becoming mainstream. They are more expensive and consume more data thanks to higher-definition images and video. However, these are some of the issues preventing massive adoption.

The Case Against Foldable Phones

Mobile Games Adapt

One of the most fundamental reasons foldables aren’t more popular is their price. They are typically in the £1,000 - £2,000 range, which is more expensive than most people would pay for such a device. After all, computers are more powerful and a lot less expensive.

There were also some problems with their durability, as happened with the Galaxy Fold in 2019. This was a critical point in foldables’ history since this high-profile phone was unveiled, hoping to become massively adopted. Instead, it had a lot of screen issues, with some users reporting problems hours after acquiring it.

People that think ahead also worry about them multiplying data usage and, as such, phone bills.

Whatever the issues are, it indeed seems like foldable phones are here to stay, and they will become more popular as prices inevitably drop, thanks to more competition and a higher adoption rate.

Benefits of Casino Gaming

Not only would regular video games have enhanced features and better quality, but online casino games would also benefit. A bigger screen means more visibility for slot symbols and other small things like the ball on the roulette.

For uninitiated players, it would also make it easier to read the rules and features of each game or look for specific information such as blackjack vs poker odds of winning.

Another advantage is that the game interface will get bigger and thus easier to use. Buttons and sliders are much easier to tap on with more giant screens.

As you can see, foldable phones would offer an immediate improvement when it comes to casino games. But games aren’t the only ones getting benefits.

Casino platforms would also benefit from larger screens, making their menus and user interface more similar between the phone and desktop sites. This is important since sometimes it’s challenging to find the same sections using different systems.

Gaming on the Fold

There’s a particular interest in folding smartphones for gaming. This is rather obvious since a more extensive screen allows for more detail. This means video games can offer better resolution textures, higher screen resolution, and overall better graphics.

Foldable Smartphones such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 also have a high refresh rate of 120Hz. This means the screen gets updated visuals 120 times per second, unlike other phones with 60 Hz. It allows for more fluidity and realism in games since animations and features like water ripples look much more spectacular.

Of course, software needs to accompany these features. Older games will probably look worse on foldable phones than on new ones designed for such devices.

The Future Is Unfolding

The idea of foldable phones is to create a new segment: much like the difference between phones and tablets, they would be a specific kind of device, separated from the rest.

It’s likely that with new advances, even more, giant screens might be achievable. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a 55-inch display in your pocket, deploying it anywhere? Of course, for that to happen, many technological breakthroughs need to happen, including better battery life.

The bigger screen size can also be used by creative developers for other purposes rather than magnifying the action. For instance, part of the screen can show specific information, whereas the other part has additional features.

In the meantime, people are getting creative with their Folds. For example, you can use a Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a keyboard and mouse like a PC.

Whether the foldables become successful or not remains to be seen. For now, if you have one, you can enjoy the immediate benefits of knowing that new inventive ways of using your phone will show up with each passing day.

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