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How Important is the Random Number
Generator in Slots?

The Random Number Generator is a vital part of the workings of a slot. Without this computer microchip, video slots cannot exist. When land-based slots were mechanical machines, each slot spin was created by pulling and releasing a lever. This gave truly random spins, but each spin could be manipulated by punters and all they needed to do was to release the lever slowly, instead of in one swift movement. 

This lever manipulation could help punters line up favourable winning symbol sequences. Since slots went digital and various gateways to pay in the UK are available, mechanical slots have become more of a novelty that appear in museums as a reminder of a bygone era in gambling. Now every slot spin result is computerized. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on what side of the gambling industry fence you sit on. It is good for casinos because spins can no longer be manipulated, unless you are a dishonest employee with computer programming expertise, and it is bad for punters because they now have zero control over the slots they play. 

Modern RNG Technology 

The function of an RNG is to generate millions of spins from number sequences that this RNG chip constantly churns out. These numbers are then translated into spins across all games that are computerised. This is done by each number that is being generated, actually corresponding to the individual symbols on the reels of digital video slot games. What this means is that punters literally need to be in the right place at the right time, for when a number sequence corresponds with all the top symbols, or a bonus trigger, or ultimately, a jackpot drop. Because of the vast number of possible symbol combinations that can land on the reels, the reality is that there are far more empty spins than winning ones. 

  • RNG technology in vital to slots because these computer processors produce slot spin results 
  • All digital video slots at land-based and online casinos use Random Number Generators 
  • RNG technology cannot be manipulated by the public 

Are Random Number Generators Fair? 

The fairness of slot spins in the gambling industry is a hot topic that generates many different opinions. Not surprisingly, the gamble industry view RNG processors as fair, whilst the general public remain sceptical at best. Losing is guaranteed from time to time, but some punters lose so often that they also lose all faith in RNG technology being truly fair. This can be exacerbated if players start noticing patterns in their slots game play. If you can predict the behaviour of a slot, then something has gone awry with randomness of results. The problem with the gambling industry is that is uses Pseudo Random Number Generators which rely on precalculated formulas to produce spins and some think true randomness cannot be produce by such a process. 

Final Thoughts 

For now, Pseudo Random Number Generators remain the gold standard in the industry and if they stop creating regular winners and big jackpot winners, then the public will stop visiting online casinos and a new approach to creating fair results will need to be introduced.

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