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How to Host an Online Casino Party

Going to a casino with friends or family members is much better than visiting alone, but because of how difficult it is to invite them due to our busy schedules, we don’t often get the perfect opportunity to spend much time with our loved ones. While these circumstances are quite unfortunate, there are still many ways for us to enjoy the company of our loved ones while playing casino games, and one of those methods is by hosting an online casino party.

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An online casino party allows the host and the invitees to play casino games even if they are all at home. How does this work? And how do you properly host this kind of party? You will find out the answers by reading our guide to hosting an online casino party below...

Create a Schedule

For setting up any kind of party, it would be great to prepare a schedule so that all of the people that you invite are available on the same day. Before you finalize the date of when the party will happen, you can ask your invitees first which days they are available for the week. Once you’ve asked all of them, find the day where they are all available and set up the party on that exact date. You should also schedule the time when the party will start so that you can give your invitees a few minutes or hours to prepare.

Choose a Trusted Casino

Before you can even organize the party, you would first need to find a safe and trusted online casino where you and your casino buddies will play. By choosing a reliable online casino website like CoolCat Casino, players in your party will have a hassle-free experience in playing table games and online slot machines.

One way to know if an online casino is trusted is by looking for its license, which is given by a proper gambling authority. You can find this license at the bottom of the website’s homepage or by reading the About Us page. After choosing an online casino, encourage your invitees to create an account on the casino website earlier so that you will all be ready to go once the party starts.

Play in a Live Casino Game

In order to create a close-to-authentic casino experience while at home, it would be best to invite your friends or family members to play a live casino game, which is a type of online casino game wherein a live dealer will shuffle cards, roll the roulette wheel, and setup bets for players through a webcam.

What’s great about trusted online casinos is that you and your invitees can play at one table, so you will be able to compete with your casino buddies and see who will have bigger winnings. In addition, you may also want to set up a Zoom or Skype meeting with those who are invited to the party so that you can talk to them or see their funny poker faces while playing classic table games.

playing roulette with friends

Deliver Delicious Food to Invitees

Of course, a party wouldn’t be complete without some delicious food. If you cannot deliver food to your invitees, you can just use a food delivery app like Postmates, UberEats, and Grubhub so that another person can deliver food to your friends or loved ones. You may opt to buy food items that are usually seen in parties, such as pizza, burgers, or tacos so that your event will truly feel like a party even though you are all far away from each other. Moreover, you can order the same food for all invitees, or you can just ask them what they want to have a more personalized delivery.

Take Breaks

Playing online casino games at casinos like Slot Madness Casino all night can be quite tiring, so it would be best if you can plan our several breaks throughout the party so that your invitees would have time to relax and just talk to you and others about random topics besides casino games. These breaks would be a great time for you to connect to your friends or family members who you may not have seen in a long time due to unfortunate circumstances. You can talk to them through the Zoom or Skype meeting that you have set up while playing live casino games, or you can just open a social media app and create a group chat.

Organizing an online casino party is relatively easy, as long as you are prepared and you know what to do. This kind of virtual party is the best way for you to still have fun with your casino buddies despite the limitations when it comes to visiting them. Inform your loved ones if you are planning an online casino party and see if they are game for it.

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