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Popular Payment Methods on Betting Site in the USA
Sports Betting by a BetZillion Expert Tim Harrison

Popular Payment Methods

In recent years, sports bettors have more options than ever for adding money to and taking money out of their sportsbook accounts. Depositing is the first thing a bettor does on an online bookmaker after registration.

Nearly every bettor can find a method to transfer money to and from legitimate sports betting websites, from E-wallets and credit cards to online banking and wire transfers.

Tim Harrison, a betting expert at BetZillion, spoke with Trans4mind about the many deposit and withdrawal options and how bettors from the USA and other countries can conduct transactions on their sports betting accounts.

What Are the Popular Payment Methods on Betting Sites?

There are many payment options for sports betting accessible nowadays. The payment methods of different betting sites in the US vary. Additionally, bettors choose any option for multiple reasons such as security, benefits and ease of payment.

Here are some standard payment methods available for bettors on betting sites:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Trustly
  • Bank transfers
  • Apple Pay
  • Cryptocurrency

Credit/Debit Card

Undoubtedly, credit and debit cards are one of the most popular ways bettors make deposits and withdrawals. The majority of online bookmakers accept Visa and MasterCard.

The best thing about credit card payments is that deposits are instant. Although withdrawal times might be slower than electronic wallets, credit or debit cards provide tremendous dependability. Also, using credit and debit cards is easy and doesn't involve third-party services.


PayPal is a well-known and widely used E-wallet in the US and globally. Most bookmakers understand this; hence, most betting sites always accept it as a payment method.

The good thing about this payment method is that you can conveniently deposit funds into your betting account, and if you decide to use it for withdrawals, it is a swift means. Also, one of the most significant features of this payment service is that it enables a no-fee transaction. Additionally, opening a Paypal account is incredibly easy, and the payment mechanism is straightforward.


The number of online bookmakers that accept Skrill as a payment option is numerous. It is a popular E-wallet that you can't go wrong with. Skrill processes deposits and withdrawals on time and may charge for the transactions bettors make on the site.


Neteller is another popular E-wallet among bettors and is similar to Paypal. While the payment service is easy and convenient with a very short deposit and withdrawal processing time, they might charge a fee when a user completes a transaction.


Trustly has established itself as one of the world's most reliable payment services since its introduction. Bettors may quickly add money to their sportsbook account with Trustly at no charge. Also, the payment option permits cash withdrawals which may take one or two days to appear in your wallet. Lastly, the payment method safeguards your funds and information using a reliable encryption method.

Bank Transfers

For a lot of bettors, bank transfers are the best method when it comes to depositing and withdrawing. It involves sending money by bank transfers from various banks to the sportsbook. Bettors prefer this option because sportsbooks can closely monitor and report suspicious behaviour and connect with your bank without using a third-party service.

Although the method is easy and convenient, the procedure might be a little slower compared to Skrill or Neteller, resulting in delays before the money gets to the bookmaker.

Apple Pay

In the online betting scene, Apple Pay is one of the most popular and frequently utilized payment methods. It is easy and convenient and processes payments instantly.

Apple Pay doesn't have a deposit limit. However, your betting operator may choose the minimum and maximum amount you can transfer when you use it to deposit at a sportsbook.

One important thing to note is that Apple Pay does not support withdrawals from betting websites. You will be required to utilize a different payment method to make a withdrawal.


Cryptocurrency is gradually becoming a common payment method that betting sites employ for deposits and withdrawals. It is a currency that fluctuates, which can impact your earnings. However, you should be aware of a few things if you use this option. Make sure you know the risks related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Also, understand how your chosen sportsbook handles cryptocurrency transactions.

Not all bookmakers allow cryptocurrency to pay for bets, but we have many of them adopting this method for betting sites, to find more information, check here —

How to Deposit at an Online Bookmaker?

Popular Payment Methods

There are various ways to add funds to your betting account. Online deposits are undoubtedly more convenient since you may fund your account from the comfort of your PC or smartphone.

Below is a guide on how to deposit funds into your account:

  1. Choose a Sportsbook

It is the first step to depositing funds into your account. It's essential to look out for a betting site that provides the deposit options you intend to use. If you don't have a deposit method in mind, you can do your research before signing up for an account with a bookmaker. Choosing the bookmaker with various payment methods and those you can easily use is recommended.

  1. Create an Account

The next thing is to create an account with a bookmaker of your choice. The bookmaker will require you to provide personal information to help set up your account. Since a regulated body licenses most bookmakers, your information is safe and secure.

  1. Navigate to the Payment Section

After successfully creating an account on your chosen bookmaker, navigate to the cashier or payment section of the website to see the various payment options available on the site.

  1. Choose a Payment Method

Here, you can choose a payment option you feel comfortable with. Before selecting a payment method, make sure you understand all the requirements for that method. Then follow the prompt on the site to add money to your account.

  1. Start Betting

After you have completed your transaction, you can start placing wagers on the betting site. You will get a notification on the success of your transaction via text, email or the payment section of the website.


Funding your account is a vital aspect of a betting site, and bookmakers understand this by providing efficient and reliable payment platforms for their users. However, it would help if you made your findings on the payment options available on a betting site to know the one that best suits you. Processing time, charge, safety and limits are a few factors that bettors need to take into consideration.

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