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How to Choose the Best Escape Room? 5 Tips

Best Escape Room

Escape rooms are the 3D-version of the initially online played escape games. Their popularity is gradually growing thanks to its adrenaline-releasing, team-building, and self-awareness-increasing effects.By today, they have been widespread over the world; there are plenty of their variations. However, their themes are pretty diverse; their aim is common: ASAP find the way out!

Due to this wide variety, it's not so easy-peasy to find the most appropriate ones. Generally, every escape room is excellent, especially for the right players. However, not every escape room is suitable for everybody! With American Escape Rooms, we have collected 5 tips to consider when looking for one to play in.

Aim of the game

That is definitely to find the exit; however, further goals exist.

Would you like to meet new faces? 

Then look for escape rooms where you can play with strangers. It must be an exciting game and one of the best way to learn somebody because how somebody behaves under stress tell a lot about their personality. Generally, escape rooms are for groups whose members know each other. Nevertheless, some escape rooms organize such escape games as well.

Would you like to strengthen the team power?

For companies, university students’ groups or high school classes can usually develop team cohesion divided into groups of 8-10. At American Escape Rooms, there are opportunities for team-building with a discounted price and flexible start times.

Would you like to play only with your company?

This is the general wish of the players; therefore most of the escape game companies offer private rooms only for that restricted group of players.

Escape rooms with booking & rescheduling facilities

When we are booking an escape room for 8 players, it is very risky whether finally everybody is going to arrive or not. The vast majority of the escape game companies allow that more than 24 hours before the scheduled date to modify the booking. 

Escape rooms without booking are always uncertain, so it is worth choosing escape rooms where this option is available.

Players’ age and personality

The themes of the rooms are extremely diverse: the scene of the cold war or the inside of our mind. All of them are thrilling but not suitable for everybody. However, with adults’ permission, usually, everybody can play inside the room. Not every theme is suitable universally.

Before booking a room, read its brochure to be able to decide. You should consider whether the chosen room’s themes could be suitable for the prospective players or not.

Number of players

This is a crucial aspect! Escape rooms’ general capacity is around 8-10 people. If you are less, your mission is going to be more complex; however, still possible to solve them.

If your company consists of more than the allowed number of players, you are usually asked to divide your team into more groups. Another option is to look for escape rooms with bigger capacities. Anyway, 8-10 people are optimum to solve the puzzles ASAP: it might be challenging and too busy to accomplish the puzzles for too few players. At the same time, too many players cannot effectively share the tasks.

Virtual or live game

However, virtual escape games have become popular during the pandemic months; they are still available. When is it suggested to choose the virtual version?

  • Your friends are miles away from you, maybe even in another country
  • The wished escape room is very far from you
  • The wished escape room is extremely busy and available when you are not
  • You don’t have time to travel there and back

Virtual escape rooms (Live Avatar Escape Rooms) are more exciting than a casual online escape game. Try it!

Live escape rooms are the most exciting without doubt but in case of any restricting case, virtual escape rooms offer a great alternative.

Every escape rooms are great but not suitable for everybody. To make the most of such escape games, use this brief guide composed by American Escape Rooms to find the best for you and your company!

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