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How to Beat the Slot Game RNG

When you play a slot game, it’s all about luck. There is nothing you can do to make the symbols land in the way you want them to, and you can’t predict with any kind of certainty when you are going to win. This is because new slot games are made with an inbuilt RNG (random number generator). This piece of software has to be there by law, and it means that every spin is completely random. 

The RNG essentially makes every single game a game of luck. It helps to ensure there's equality across all of the games so that nobody is able to cheat and everyone has just the same chance as everyone else to win. Players can rest assured that when playing a slot game, they can just sit back and watch the drama unfold – it means there is no pressure to perform and they can enjoy a ‘what will be will be’ kind of attitude. 

Can The Way You Play Change The RNG's Outcome?

No. It’s as simple as that. No matter how long you are playing for or how much you pay into any game, the RNG means that you’ll either win or lose whatever it is you do. The game is definitely not taking note of what you're doing either, and it’s not reporting to the casino or even the game developer, despite what some people think. Why would this happen? The RNG just does what it is designed to do and nothing more. 

Do I Have To Understand The RNG In Order To Play?

Once again, no. You do not have to know how any of the components that come together to create a slot game work to be able to play. You pay money, push or click a button, and the game begins. That really is pretty much all you need to know. Soon the symbols are going to land when the reels stop moving, and at that point you have either won or lost (and losing is the most probable outcome because there are many more losing combinations than winning ones). That is it. 

Naturally, you can discover more about slots. You can research how they're produced, what takes place during design, you can learn more about the RNG, but none of it is really likely to let you win more often, or win more money. So learning more should be about being curious and enjoying the knowledge, not about trying to work out how to cheat the RNG. 

Manipulating The RNG

You may worry that, though players cannot do anything to adversely affect the RNG, the casinos the games are in may be able to. This is extremely unlikely to be what happens. For starters, what would a casino get by doing that? Their players lose the majority of the time anyway, and when they do win it’s so rare that it isn’t going to cause the casino a problem (or shouldn’t do, if they are working in the right way). 

Additionally, if players never won anything, they'd quickly look elsewhere for places to have fun, therefore earning zero profit altogether for the casino. It simply is not worthwhile and does not make some sense for a casino to do this. No one is helped by it.

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