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History of British Gambling

At all times, the people of Great Britain have been famous for their gambling. Dice, cards,, and the famous horse races are just a small part of the gambling games that the British were and are still passionate about. History knows of cases where huge sums were lost in establishments supplying gambling or in betting.


The first gambling game that the inhabitants of Great Britain were fond of was tossing pork and beef shanks. In order to win, participants had to catch as many shinbones as possible. Such a game was called "dough game.

A little later there appeared such gambling games as betting on animals. Initially, bets were made on the bull trade. Over time, however, this entertainment evolved into real fights, bull or cockfighting. Participants gambled watching the carnage and betting on the winner.

In the 14th century, card games became popular in England. Cards and various types of games were brought into the country from Asia. Despite this, the English have decided to make a contribution to the game, brought from distant countries and have modified the deck of cards. It was now a deck with four suits that we are familiar with today.

At this time of mass creation of gentlemen's clubs and various entertainment facilities, where players can safely indulge their passion and excitement.

Over time, card games in Britain are becoming increasingly popular among the upper classes. Card games are indulged in dinner parties and high society balls.

By the way, many card games are popular in our time. To this day, the English continue to play whist, point, Pharaoh, or picket. In the early 18th century, betting became extremely popular in Britain. For some players it became a real profession. The first totalizators appear. For a long period of time the legal representatives of the authorities tried to fence off and exclude the activities of sweepstakes, but in 1961 the leadership of the country still gave in and the sweepstakes were officially recognized and legalized. In the middle of the twentieth century, bingo was brought to the misty island from Malta. A new surge of excitement engulfed the English. The game was especially popular with officers and sailors. Young people would go out into the courtyard to play bingo. The police tried to eject the players, but soon found their attempts futile.

Gentlemen's clubs, where men spent their free time playing cards, are still relevant in today's environment. And horse races, which have gained wide popularity around the world are held here as sporting events and undoubtedly gather a huge number of players, including those from the upper classes.

A bit of statistics

In recent years, the gambling industry in England has seen unprecedented growth due to Labor's plans to create a new generation of casinos throughout the UK. The first of a new generation of gaming halls opened in London in 2011. In 2013, Aspers opened a second location in Milton Keynes, known as The Casino Mk. They were joined by Genting's Resorts World in Birmingham in October 2015.

Here are a few lines from the U.K. casino statistics at the moment:

  • cities with gambling: 49;
  • casino hotels: 11;
  • licensed casinos: 140;
  • racetracks: 3;
  • licensed Bingo: 8;
  • sports betting: 8;
  • slot machines: 4,360;
  • poker tables: 565;
  • minimum bet: £0.01;
  • maximum bet: £10,000.

Online Casino

At first, it was possible to play in casino sites not on gamstop uk virtually the same games that were implemented in slot machines for real casinos. In fact, the same developers who created gambling slots, adapted their software products for online venues. That is, it all started with a lightweight simple card games and 5-6 reel machines.

Gradually the range of gambling products expanded, today online casinos offer such opportunities:

  • slot machines (with 3/5 reels);
  • roulette;
  • craps;
  • poker;
  • bingo;
  • keno;
  • baccarat;
  • blackjack;
  • sic bo;
  • wheel of Fortune.

In parallel with the listed gaming areas, the most relevant gambling sites develop a line of sports betting, presenting users with thousands of events.

Interface improvement

With the improvement of computer graphics, the design of games of virtual casinos has become as complex and believable as modern computer games and the best sci-fi movies. Unique animated screensavers and clips are created for each machine, which appear as needed during the gameplay.

Music is created specifically for each individual game. This process involves professional composers. And some software developers have such composers on staff. So, while playing, you are accompanied by pleasant relaxing music, equal in level to the music from the movies.

Continuously improved interface and game functions. Logging into the casino to play now, you have a lot more options, even taking into account the offer a few years earlier: more options to regulate the process, more extensive story lines, more interesting "extras" for players.


Without a doubt, today the UK gaming landscape is the most diverse in Europe among others, with more than 100 casinos across the country, online gambling and sports betting. The casino has a unique variety, from all-time classics like Roulette, Craps and Blackjack to more unconventional games like Kalooki, Mahjong, Casino War and Wheel of Fortune. Poker is also a favorite of casino fans in the UK. Casino in the UK is not standing still, and we will definitely see something special in the near future.

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