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Some of the Highest Trending Online Games in 2020

There is no doubt that gaming is the biggest entertainment sector in the world. There are numerous platforms to play on and a never ending selection of awesome games to play, nowadays with technology growing more innovative by the second, gaming was bound to become something a lot bigger than it was in the past. We’re already halfway through the year and we’ve already seen a massive number of must-play games released on every platform. Although there are some games which are being plaid more than any other game was ever plaid before;

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1. Minecraft - Top Trending PC Game

Minecraft has been out for a very long time, but it truly never gets old, in fact, it’s been widely plaid all over the world since 2009! What makes this game so special to keep it’s fame for a whopping 11 years? The ingenious unforeseen layout of the game is priceless, this was the first ever unlimited world survival game that gave us the ability to do practically anything you ever want, whether it’s PVP, survival, creative designing, or even several minigames which can be inputted into the game through multiplayer servers or mods. The constant updates releasing new stuff regularly also help to keep the game at the top of the charts. By far there has never been a game as innovative as minecraft 24x7, and we doubt if there will be in the near future.

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2. Fortnite - Top Trending Console Game

Fortnite wasn’t just a game, it was a global phenomenon. It was the highest earning game in 2018 and retained its title throughout 2019 too. Who would have thought that a free to play game would earn so much money? What makes this game so special is its unique playstyle. With an age-friendly 100 player battle royale layout it was set to make a success regardless of what special features it had to offer, although what gave it it’s major boost was its sandbox layout, where in the middle of battle, one can build walls or contraptions to either cover themselves or to get to an unreachable place. The game grew so big that it ended up pairing up with some of the world’s biggest movies and TV series like the Avengers and Stranger Things, making special themed limited edition crossover playlists with them. Fortnite is the highest earning game of 2020.

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3. Online Roulette (online casinos) - Top Trending Web-Based Game

Here’s a wild twist, unlike the other games mentioned above this one is not a normal game which you would download onto your PC or console. There’s plenty of online roulette games which one can find on the web, and apparently, they have become one of the biggest online game types in the world. Giving players the ability to bet on roulette games as if they were in the casino from the comfort of wherever they are through the ease of using any mobile or computer device which is connected to the internet. This makes playing casino games safer than ever before, thanks to extracting the risks one would find in a regular land-based casino, no wonder they became one of the top trending online games. One can try out playing online roulette in countless online casino websites, for example and many more.

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