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What is a Gel Blaster Gun? – Guide for Buying It

Gel Blaster Gun

If you’re looking to get into an active sport that improves your agility and coordination but is still fun and entertaining, you should consider getting into gel blasters. You might have heard the term before but may find yourself unfamiliar with what the sport entails. This article introduces you to what a gel blaster gun is and what to look out for when purchasing one.

Firstly, a gel blaster gun is a toy gun. They use them in CQB-style shooting battles, and their design is similar in design to a rifle. Its composition comprises a coil spring-loaded piston air pump that helps launch a gel ball or other projectile. One of the well-known gel blaster guns is the Gel Blaster M24. Features like its removable accessories, manual bolt action, and extendable handle, endear it to multiple players.

Of course, other gel blaster rifles can compete with the M24, but they all possess specific attributes you should look out for when buying yours...

  • The grip

Gel blasting is an intense sport, and any physical activity causes you to sweat. Your palms aren’t immune to sweat either, and if the grip of your gun isn’t contoured, it can slip out. Not having a tight handle on your weapon in the heat of battle can be annoying and could even ruin the game for you. Gel blaster guns with contoured or striated grips are more comfortable to hold because they increase traction. It’s also in your best interest to find an adjustable one, and you can easily store when you’re through.

  • The range

Hops up are the part of a gel blaster gun that allows you to hit targets far away. In the play, this part could be the difference between defeat and victory. It’s essential to check the reviews of the range of any gun you’re considering buying. You don’t want to end up stuck with a weapon that can barely hit the target a few feet in front.

  • The speed

Similar to the range is the speed of the gun. Gel blasting is a fast-paced game, and a slow gun could be costly. So, it would be best if you considered the firing speed. A rifle with a long-range is barely useful if it isn’t fast enough to hit a moving target. Compare the Feet per Second (FPS) of your options before deciding.

  • The accuracy

Going hand in hand with speed and range is the accuracy of the gun. Once again, the type of hop-up you have is crucial as it increases the elevation and helps accuracy. That’s because the hop-up adds an extra backspin to the projectiles and improves the range. The length of the gun and workings of the inner barrel are also prominent factors in determining how good of a shot your rifle is. Of course, hitting your target on the mark is the essence of the game, so this point is essential.

  • The battery

The battery of a blaster directly correlates to the duration of game time you have. If you want to enjoy longer duration games, the battery is essential in buying a gel blaster. Ensure the battery you purchase fits the requirements of your blaster type. If not, then it’ll be useless to you. You should also check to make sure the necessary connectors come with it. There’s no point in getting a battery and having no way to charge it.

  • The durability

Gel guns, like all other products, eventually fall apart. At times it’s a specific part that either sustains wear or gets damaged in the cause of battle. While that is inevitable, some rifles have a better standard of quality. In any case, the ease of finding spare parts in the event of damage is another factor to consider. A durable weapon is more economical for you in the long run, so choose carefully.

  • The dealer

Even if you’re conscious of all the buying guides above, none of them will be of much use to you if you can’t find a good dealer. A reputable dealer of gel blaster guns can be of great assistance even when you forget what to consider first. So it is in your best interest, especially when buying from an online retail store, to review the dealers as well. How satisfied are other customers on average when purchasing from a particular store, and how easy is it to return faulty products. Other customer-service options like online support and order tracking are essential to weigh before deciding on a dealer.


With the above guide, you now know what gel blasters are and how to select a gun with the right specifications. You can ask your dealer which features you’re particularly concerned about, and they can recommend the best rifle on the market for you. Have fun playing.

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