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Gamification in Daily Life

Gamification is best described as incentivizing human engagements in non-game contexts and activities by using game-style mechanics. It leverages natural tendencies for competition, achievement, and collaboration. Timing yourself when running, trying to beat your personal record time, and rewarding yourself with a special treat after completing a workout session are simple gamification applications.

Setting personal goals is already effective but using professional gamification tools is even more so. When incorporated into real-life scenarios, gamification instruments like leveling up, earning points, and badges help individuals boost performance and achieve goals. A typical example is where an airline company rewards a loyal or frequent traveler through a "frequent flyers loyalty scheme."

Customer Loyalty Retention

This is a gamification model that generally forms a ripple effect. Customers of a particular brand or product are given incentives to keep their patronage and enhance or encourage referrals. For instance, Black Friday sales where goods are sold for half or discount prices to encourage customers to buy more. 

The online casino industry is another area where gamification has been taken to new heights to encourage customer retention. By offering fantastic bonuses, the best casinos can motivate players to keep playing.

Another tactic used by the casino is by introducing gamification elements in the form of loyalty programs and VIP reward schemes. These give constant rewards such as deposit bonuses, free spins, extra credits, and cashbacks, among others. Players are tasked with gaining points on the casino, which translates to more gameplay time. You can compare casinos to find the most rewarding programs available.

Other gamification elements include: 

  • Tournaments and leaderboards
  • Mission tasks
  • Predictions - Although it is mostly used in sports betting, most modern casinos are adopting this feature.
  • Social Media - This exists whereby players can share their progress and challenge other players to compete. It is a win-win situation because it gives the casino better exposure while also rewarding the customer.

Other Common Uses of Gamification In Everyday Life

  • A non-calorie challenge community where incentives are given to participants for eliminating calories from diets for a specified duration.
  • Eco-driving is directed towards the reduction of carbon emission from the atmosphere. Incentives are given to a top performer who has amassed maximum points for reducing carbon emission and maximizing green energy target points.
  • Instagram likes & YouTube Ratings are also examples of gamification, where owners of videos are paid or rewarded based on the number of subscribers to their channel and traffic generated. 
  • LinkedIn profiles incentivize users with star ratings.

Benefits of Gamification

  • Improves productivity
  • Increases motivation
  • Encourages creativity
  • Strengthens communication processes
  • Enhances employer-employee engagements
  • Introduces innovative dynamics
  • Aids in developing specific skills

How Tangible Is Gamification in Daily Life

Interest in gamification is gradually increasing. The idea of using game techniques and mechanics to motivate future predictions and self-actualization is proving to be an ideal way to improve individual behavior.

Despite the increasing interests, applying gamification concepts and principles is a challenge. A few gamification efforts have documented the challenges associated with game development and its application procedures. Above the odds, incorporating gamification into a daily routine combines learning with daily life occurrences effectively. It clarifies both theoretical concepts and also strengthens the mind and body connection.


Life is full of challenges. Even the smallest tasks can prove daunting when there is no motivation. Gamification helps you stay on track and provides motivation for you to achieve your personal goals. There are several personal productivity apps designed to promote gamification in all areas of life, for example, Duolingo for language learning and Fitocracy for workouts and fitness.

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