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Gambling Trends 2022 -
Which Slots Are Most Played

Gambling Trends

The online gambling industry is constantly evolving, growing and introducing new technologies that attract new players. The number of products is growing, thereby multiplying the number of gamblers around the world and the total revenue of online casinos. Trends, TOP sources and approaches replace each other very quickly. Let's figure out in the outgoing year what trends in gambling are already being traced and what we can expect in 2022.

Gambling trends for 2022 

In gambling, everything is cyclical, as always. Today one source comes in well, tomorrow another, the same with geo. In order for your profit to always be in the black, you need to be aware of all events in the field. Here's what awaits us next year:

  • The legalization of gambling in new countries will lead to the emergence of new GEOs and products (new and very promising GEOs are being opened, where the competition is not yet so strong)
  • Growth in esports betting, which has very successfully caught on in the market in recent years (online tournaments among esports players have gained great popularity and high views this year)
  • Continued implementation of the crypt as an additional payment method.
  • Integration of VR, AR technologies in online casinos. As many people know, Meta (the parent company that owns Facebook and Instagram) has announced that it is moving towards these developments.

Exclusive games

If you play slots regularly, sooner or later you will come across certain similarities between the two seemingly different games. However, in the case of exclusive products, providers always use unique themes that target a specific audience. You can notice such games on Coinslotty crypto casino. Obtaining exclusive rights and releasing slots based on world-famous films, cartoons and characters is not a new phenomenon: the developers have been practicing this for several years. Almost every provider has a couple of exclusive games in its arsenal. Although they are not rare, such slots are in great demand among gamblers, so you can be sure that this trend will not go away anytime soon.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is one of the newest technologies with the greatest potential along with blockchain - although it still has a long development ahead of it. In addition, as VR headsets become more and more available, many app developers are looking for ways to create casinos that will be entirely in a virtual environment. As virtual reality technology continues to evolve, there is a good chance that many online casinos will have VR support, which will take social gaming to a whole new level.

Mobile game

Modern smartphones are more powerful than some outdated PCs, so it is not surprising that a significant proportion of gamblers choose phones or tablets to play. In addition, thanks to the Wi-Fi connections available like never before and the essence of slot games in general, casual players can also make a couple of spins, for example, while standing in line, being on public transport, or just killing time. Providers have already begun to follow this trend: some of them even create slots on the “mobile-first” principle, that is, developing the mobile version of the product first. This trend will probably only continue to gain popularity, so every gambling operator should add as many mobile-compatible games to their casino as possible.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a year and gradually, thanks to their huge advantages, they are spreading in the online gambling industry. So, using cryptocurrencies, players can maintain their anonymity, pay lower commissions and withdraw funds much faster. At the same time, getting a license for some blockchain-based games - as well as integrating them into your casino - is much easier, as they use a system allowing both gamblers and casinos in any time check the results of the games. Nowadays some casinos are already made based on blockchain technology and only accept cryptocurrencies. We are confident that the number of such sites will only continue to increase.

Most Winning Slots

For those who are ready to compete for a big jackpot, we suggest paying attention to the following slot machines:

  • Book of Ra - a record win - X50, few other slots can boast of such a coefficient.
  • Fruit Coctail - an abundance of free spins, thanks to which you can win a fortune. It is important to keep in mind that while using free spins, free spins can fall out over and over again.
  • Crazy Monkey is one of the most famous slot machines in the world. A successful "falling out" of the monkey will be able to present a jackpot, which depends on the number and amount of the total bets of users.

The bottom line

Please note that while some of these trends have been around for quite some time, there is still room for improvement. At the same time, just because something is popular doesn't mean your business needs it. However, as we said above, the gambling industry continues to change, so you should definitely follow these trends closely.

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