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Football Predictions –
The Right Way to Earn from Betting

Football is the most popular sport in the world by a long way. There are so many people that love the game as it can be very emotional and exciting to watch. If you follow football closely you probably have acquired a lot of knowledge about various teams and their coaches and players. This can help you to land winning bets on football matches.

But is this the best way to place football bets and earn from betting? We would argue that it isn’t. The reality is that you are more likely to land more winning football bets if you use high-quality betting predictions for the matches.

Football Expert Predictions

You need to accept that there are people that know more about the game than you do. There are a number of football experts that live and breath the game all of the time. They know more than you do about the tactics, the coaches, the players and other factors that affect the outcome of football matches.

Some of these football experts give away their predictions for free. If they are associated with a media organization then this is often the case. They will provide their tips on official websites and in newspapers etc.

There are also football experts that charge a monthly premium for you to receive their predictions. Usually, they will not provide a prediction for every game. They tend to focus on value bets which will provide better returns for you.

Some of these football experts that charge for their predictions make some wild claims. Unfortunately, they are not always honest. It is not that difficult to use an editing tool like Photoshop to change screenshot images of bookmaker accounts for example.

How accurate are these football experts with their predictions? This is hard to say as their results vary so much. Experts that provide predictions on a lot of matches are always going to have a lower win rate than those that only provide specific predictions.

It is safe to say that the predictions from football experts are generally not that accurate despite their knowledge of the game. There are so many variables in football that it is difficult to take all of these into consideration. They are humans and not computers, which brings us on to a better way.

Use Mathematical Football Predictions

Rather than rely on predictions from experts that often get it wrong, it is a good idea to take a look at the growing number of websites that are offering free mathematical football tips. The predictions are calculated using complex computer algorithms that crunch a huge amount of historical and current data about the teams involved in a match.

Football predictions provided by computerized mathematical models tend to be more accurate than those provided by the “experts”. Computers will never make decisions based on gut feelings or emotions which human football experts are prone to do.

The computers used for mathematical football predictions use huge amounts of historical and current data. They will look at previous meetings between the two teams going back over a number of years.

In addition to this, the best mathematical computer prediction algorithms will also take current data into account. This usually includes the current form of the players and the team, the form of the coach, any injuries or suspensions that either team has, red and yellow cards and other data that can affect the outcome of a game.

Websites that use these complex computer algorithms to predict football matches usually offer their tips for free. There is no need for you to pay football experts as the computer predictions are more likely to be more accurate.

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