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FIFA 21 Shapeshifters Event Guide -
Release Date, Offers, Squad & More

A new promo will be coming soon in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and it could be Shape Shifters. What can we expect for this promo? Which promo offers can we obtain this year? Here’s all the information about the Shapeshifters event, including the Shapeshifters team & squad, predicted Shapeshifters release date, potential Shapeshifters player cards, content and everything you need to know to get prepared for the promotion and Shapeshifters investment with FUT Coins. Let’s take a look!

FIFA 21 Shapeshifters Event Guide

What Is Shapeshifters In FIFA Ultimate Team

Shapeshifters is one of the promos that we've seen launched in February, continuing on from the Future Stars and Winter Refresh promotions, and addresses new roles as well as big position boosts as well as position shifts. For the following weeks, there are several things in FIFA 21 they're working to pack in, and that it might miss the chance to return, I expect we'll see the return of the Carnall event comeos expanded to include.

When Is Shapeshifters In FIFA 21

According to the the previous forecasts, in the press, in 2021, we might see it on Friday, March 12th or can be fully scrapped.

FIFA 21 Shapeshifters Predictions - Predicted Player Cards

If the Shape Shifters promo does return on FIFA 21, we would love to see some players who were part of the Shape Shifters promo in new positions:

Marcelo was one of the key names (aside from Ronaldo and Messi) in the promo, and he was transformed into a 91 OVR CAM. We would love to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku try their hand in defence, although this is a more drastic change than we saw season.

Shapeshifters Squads

Due to the significant amount of packable players getting their in-game promotion during the second two-week period in-length promotion, and two teams in packs, Shape Shifters would be among the most highly sought after. While Messi and Ronaldo were present in last year's Shapeshifters were both equipped with their usual boots as well as modified things, we've seen Messi move from his natural position to the left foot, and a fixed footed Cristiano to the right-footed one.

With this potential return, some truly incredible cards will shake up the game meta in FUT 21.

Other Expected Shapeshifters Content

Apart from the squads of packable players, you'll also get plenty of promo offers, such as Shapeshifters & Flashback Player SBCs, Upgrade & Pack SBCs, FUT Birthday Objectives, Promo Packs. Whenever you begin to scroll the Shapeshifters or Flash Player tool, click on the option to see the available plugins and choose the one you want to use.

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