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Who are the Female Worst Villain
Bosses of MMORPG?

It's not only since Ms. Dimitrescu in the village of Resident Evil that Women in computer games have genuinely become savage and angry. We introduce to you five villains who showed the dark side in MMORPG World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Blade and Soul, and Final Fantasy XIV. Darth Vader and the emperor in Star Wars, Saruman and Sauron in The Lord of the Rings, Arthas in World of Warcraft, and the dire wolf that ate six of these seven little goats.

The bad guys in stories are usually men-but not always

Sinister gentlemen have to face nasty women from time to time. Cersei in Game of Thrones, Annie Wilkes in Stephen King's suffering, the witch of Hansel in Gretel, and of course The Lady Dimitrescu, who is nearly 3 meters high in Resident Evil Village, is now crazy about it on the Internet.

But what about online games? Even in massively multiplayer online role-playing games, female bosses will get in your way from time to time. Eznpc want to introduce you to the five Worst villains in MMORPG. is a clan of MMORPG news and a trusted store of Poe Currency and Items.

The Maven in Path of Exile

Female Worst Villain

Who is this? Maven is the most demanding final boss introduced in Path of Exile. This battle requires a minimum body size, excellent player skills, the ability to think quickly and remember patterns. If you do not meet one of these conditions, then Maven will not be killable. This battle puts almost every boss in the game in a queue and puts many projectiles on the stage to keep you moving forward. Attacks by the Telegraph Beam and the Gatlin Nebula could destroy the construction of hundreds of thousands of EHPs. She also has a memory game, and if you don't repeat the pattern she presents, it will kill you immediately. That was only her first stage!

Besides, as Maven's brain starts shooting debilitating beams at you, you must fight various bosses from Atlas. These beams invalidate all sources of health and mana and reduce your maximum resistance by 10%. Besides, every attack will cause thousands of damage, which will flood the entire arena, and if you do not dodge, then every episode will give you an electric shock. All of these are packed together on a narrow stage with no addition stage, so you can't rely on the flask to keep you here. If it were not for the absurd expansion of our next project, Maven would undoubtedly be the most demanding boss on the road to exile.

The Dark Witch in Sanzu of Blade and Soul

Female Worst Villain

Who is this? Sanzu is the daughter of the last master of Aransu School and has always wanted a sister or companion. She found this in Kim Soyun, a student of the legendary warrior Jiwan. But Jinsoyun fell under the influence of the Dark Lord and killed Sanzu's father.

In mourning, Sangzu was also influenced by the Dark Lord and named Zulia. Her anger towards Jinsoyun gradually turned her into a demon. Your goal is to summon the King of Darkness and destroy Jin Seohyun.

What role does she play in Blade and Soul? Zulia is the manipulative character in the MMORPG Blade & Soul story. In part Zulia's Last Battle, she showed herself as a latecomer to the villain and represented a powerful boss. In this story, the heroes can see their true colors.

What makes you such a badass? As the opponent of the boss, Zulia is an invincible enemy and an impressive figure. Her appearance in the story makes her an opponent that people will never forget. In the story, she pretends to be a good Sangzu.

Tsukuyomi of Final Fantasy XIV

Female Worst Villain

Who is this? Tsukuyomi is the tyrannical ruler of the Doma region in MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. In the story, she disbanded the country from the castle of the Garlea Empire to disintegrate it and bury the heroes to attract players.

Gosetsu took Tsukuyomito a small island, where he took care of her to recover and found that she had lost her memory. Tsukuyomichanged and became friendly and friendly. However, when she regained her memories by confronting the heroes again, her anger returned, and she became Prime Tsukuyomi. This is one of the most iconic battles in MMORPG.

What role does she play in Final Fantasy XIV? Tsukuyomi represents one of the most famous opponents of the boss in the FFXIV story. The true tragedy of her story becomes evident only when the heroes have to fight her in the CastrumFluminis trial. Players who defeat her can get a lot of FFXIV Gil rewards

What makes you such a badass? Tsukuyomi's internal conflicts angered her old bad personality and new good personality. It can be seen from the appearance. The left side of her body appeared pale, and the right side was noticeably darker.

During the battle, she had to deal with the ghosts of the past, especially the phantoms of her parents, who suffered abuse and abandonment. In the struggle, people can almost feel sympathy for Tsukuyomi because people gradually understand why she became this authoritarian ruler. With the famous song Wayward Daughter by fans, you will experience the experience of boss fights, which you will soon forget.

Azshara in World of Warcraft

Female Worst Villain

Who is this? Queen Azshara ruled the elves about 10,000 years ago and is the guardian of the Well of Eternity. However, due to the operation of the Burning Legion, when the oil well was destroyed, it failed and sank into the sea. Then, the ancient gods transformed her into a serpentine naga. She created a new underwater civilization in this form.

This is her role in World of Warcraft: Azshara rules the underwater city of Naztar and is one of the villains in the World of Warcraft Cataclysm and Legion Battle of Azeroth. The heroes contend with it during the plotting process.

What makes you such a badass? The threat made by Queen Azshara united the Alliance and the Horde and defeated them on the bottom of the sea. She is so powerful that the mighty Keno Mandala realized that he could not beat her.

Sylvanas in World of Warcraft

Female Worst Villain

Who is this? SylvanasWindrunner is a ranger general in Quel'Thalas, the home of blood and high elves in Warcraft 3. She fought for her people in the war against tribes and undead natural disasters. But she had no chance to deal with the Lich King and his army. She fought for strong sunbathing.

The Lich King Arthas brought her back as punishment for the banshee resistance. Without the will, she fought countless times for Arthas but could finally free herself from the curse. Over time, she became a significant threat to the Alliance and Horde and continued to play an essential role in the story of World of Warcraft.

This is her role in World of Warcraft: as the Banshee Queen, she leads the undead faction of the Forsaken. She appeared in front of her opponents time and time again in the story, devising a plan to destroy Arthas and protect and challenge the undead.

What makes you such a badass? Her tragic background and how her character develops throughout the story of World of Warcraft are well received by players. On the one hand, she is seen as a sympathetic character. On the other hand, she is a vicious villain with cruel behavior. What she did is understandable. It's not the boss opponent who showed up because he just wanted to destroy the hero.

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