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How to Farm Plucked Eyeballs in Lords of the Fallen

Plucked eyeballs are a highly valuable crafting component in Lords of the Fallen that you'll want many of. These eyeballs allow the creation of potent potions and poisons to aid your journey. However, plucked eyeballs have an extremely low natural drop rate from enemies. In this guide, we'll explain eyeball farming strategies and locations to efficiently stockpile masses of them.

Why You Need Plucked Eyeballs

Before diving into farming tactics, it's important to understand why plucked eyeballs are so important to acquire in abundance. They are integral crafting ingredients for some of the most impactful consumable items in Lords of the Fallen:

Greater Healing Potions

Crafted using eyeballs and other common materials, these potions restore immense amounts of health during combat. Don't leave home without ample supplies!

Poison Mist Bombs

Eyeballs allow the creation of bombs that deal damage over time to enemies as well as impair their vision and mobility. Extremely useful against tough foes.

Buy Lords of the Fallen Vigor

Also called LOTF Vigor, this iconic potion restores large amounts of stamina which is crucial for sustaining heavy attacks and blocking. Mass-produce this staple item.


For when less combative options are preferable, craft lockpicks from eyeballs to open barred doors and chests containing rare treasures.

As you can see, plucked eyeballs unlock potent consumables to turn the tide in any battle. You'll need huge stockpiles for crafting, so learning farming is mandatory.

The Basics of Eyeball Farming

Before discussing specific eyeball farming spots, here are some general tips that apply to any farming route:

  • Equip full item find gear for best drop rates on all enemies.
  • Bring a magic-infused weapon to quickly kill large quantities of lesser foes.
  • Reset farms by exiting to the main menu between runs to respawn enemies.
  • Opening unlocked fast travel spots speeds up repeat circuits.
  • Salvage any low-value drops for crafting components or currency.

Knowing these farming basics will optimize your time spent repeating kill-and-loot circuits. Now let's cover prime eyeball harvesting zones.

Best Early Game Eyeball Farms

In the early stages before better gear, here are reliable spots to begin your eyeball stockpile:

Prison of Souls - Lower Cells

Patrol rooms full of imps and goblins with a high chance for a single eyeball per kill. Reset by exiting the cell block.

Cemetery of the Forgotten

Roam the early areas defeating basic undead and construction for frequent eyeball drops. A fast travel loop provides constant spawns.

Cathedral of Woe - East Wing

Lesser cultists here offer a good shot at a couple eyeballs each. Run quickly through halls defeating stragglers.

These starting zones have weak but numerous enemies that readily provide your first eyeballs with minimal risk. Rake in plentiful early crafting supplies here.

Mid-Game Eyeball Hot Spots

As your character progresses, farm these abundant mid-level areas for eyeball caches:

Sky Citadel - Eastern Barracks

Slay guards rapidly dropping 1-3 balls routinely. Fast reset from the bonfire. Advanced gear melts crowds fast.

Cathedral of Woe - Great Hall

Taking on roaming cult fanatics yields multiple eyeballs each. Then battleSpawn repeatedly spawns mini-boss for potential jackpots.

Catacombs of the Forgotten King

Wander twisting stone passages to engage armies of walking dead. An extended farming circuit here with strong average yields.

These mid-game areas offer sizeable enemies in platoons. Expect higher average eyeball outputs than early zones.

Advanced Eyeball Farming Locations

For experienced adventurers ready to grind the to highest-level spots, here are top farming zones for volume eyeball harvests:

Sky Citadel - Inner Sanctum

Battle ornate sentinels and temple monks providing 3-6 balls routinely. Reset fire warps you near more potent foes.

Depths of the Forgotten King

Deal with masses of nightmarish undead horrors yielding 6-12 eyeballs each on average. Extended route required.

Cathedral of Woe - Inner Sanctum

Face elite zealots and myriad Construct Spawn. Potential for stacks of 10+ eyeballs per elite kills with optimal gear.

These toughest zones demand top skills but reward mass eyeball caches of 50-100 per dedicated farming session. Critical for high-level crafting needs.

Eyeball Farming Strategy Tips

No matter the location, tweaking your methods can optimize plucked eyeball harvest rates. Consider these strategic elements:

Focus Item Find Gear

For best results, temporarily sacrifice damage for full item find armor sets increasing drop chances substantially. Gold-trimmed Inquisitor gear is best for eyeballs.

Bring Swarms of Enemies

Kiting multiple opponents together allows killing large groups with Area of Effect attacks like spells or thrown bombs, multiplying eyeball yield exponentially.

Use Potent Poisons

Apply crafted poisons to weapons for chance enemies die coated in poisons, sometimes yielding max eyeball stacks per target killed this way.

Grind in Co-Op

More capable allies mean swifter enemy takedowns. With eyes averted, co-op partners drop their eyeball treasures as well multiplying total harvests.

Explore Every Nook

Hidden stragglers and uncommonly spawned groups provide jackpot eyeball caches if you clear each zone fully rather than speedrunning straight paths.

Min-max your techniques like these to raise eyeball counts far beyond typical base rates during Lord farming runs. Make like a plague and spread the eyeball blight across the land!

Mega Eyeball Jackpot Locations

A few elusive areas offer virtually guaranteed enormous eyeball caches if you can access them. These mega-farms provide windfalls:

Cathedral of Woe - Inner Inner Sanctum

Requires bombing hidden passage. Battle multiple elite Devoted simultaneously potentially yielding 100+ balls total in minutes.

Depths of the Forgotten King - Secret Gardens

Hidden behind illusory walls, find this garden overrun with massive Flesh Golems. Take down a few for 50 eyeballs minimum each.

Sky Citadel - Innermost Sanctum

For the highest New Game+, a legendary final boss dwells here. Rare, but may drop 250+ balls as spoils for vanquishing this evil.

Seeking these exceptional mega farms gives your eyeball totals astronomical boosts for the effort. Satisfy even the most insatiable alchemy appetites.

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