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Meet Three Famous Gamblers in NBA History

As basketball fan, we all regard the NBA players as legendary figures in our heart. But activities done by these figures let us remember they are humans like us, as they also love all the glamour and luxury lifestyle offered by the gambling world. After going through a tough and intense action on the basketball court, some NBA stars tend to relieve themselves of this stress by enjoying a night at casinos with many of them being spotted at one luxurious casino or the other.

Gambling and basketball could be said to complement each other as the majority of the fans bet on their team's ability to win or score points before a basketball game. Just as it is for the fans, it should also be the same for the basketball players who love the glamorous lifestyle of gambling. So it should come as no surprise when we hear players spending their cash on gambling, after all, it is their hard-earned money and best Australian online casino welcome their arrival.

While gambling at luxurious casinos is highly regarded as the fastest way to claim a loss of cash, when you have zero clues on what you're doing, it is also regarded as one of the quickest ways to multiply your earnings. Just like at the NBA, where we see a dominant team in the league defeat another team filled with inexperienced players. But despite being a dominant force in the league, a big team filled with unusual depth will still succumb to defeats sometimes. When you're inexperienced, you have a high chance of losing and when you are, you bring your team a step closer to claiming a victory against their opponent.

We will be looking at few NBA players who are not only known in the league but also for their gambling acts.

JR Smith

JR Smith, who is a former player of Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers was always making the headlines for his strange behaviour on the court. The shooting guard had his mansion broken into and among the things stolen was a stash of cash in a briefcase worth $15,000. When he was questioned by the police about the money, the guard told the authorities that it was his gambling money. Smith has also been spotted entering casinos several times, and he might as well be a regular visitor of best CA online casino.

Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley is considered one of the legendary figures in NBA history and he is also known for his gambling activities. And Oakley hates it when his opponents refuse to pay up their debts as he was reported to have gotten to a fight with Tyron Hill of Philadelphia Sixers right before a preseason game. It was later revealed to the media that Hill has failed to pay Oakley $54,000 he owed after being defeated in a dice game. Oakley ended up being suspended after the racket and paid a fine of $10,000 to the NBA, and of course, Hill returned his money. Later it was reported that Charles Oakley was banned from a Las Vegas casino after withdrawing some of his chips at the poker table following an assumption he had of losing.

Michael Jordan

Iconic NBA star Michael Jordan, who played for the Chicago Bulls, is one of the famous stars known for their gambling acts. He is not only competitive about basketball but also when it comes to gambling at casinos. He loves competing against his friends in the golf championships. He was reported to have lost more than $1 million in a single game and he is known for visiting casinos located in Atlantic City.

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