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Extreme Recreational Parties for Men in San Francisco

Men’s parties are full of activities, loud noise and loads of alcohol. They are fun and extreme in every imaginable way. This article will focus on these extreme recreational activites for men.

If you are looking for an action-packed party experience in the San Francisco Region, then a Nerf Gun Party is the ultimate way to go. Nerf Gun parties are competitive, fun, and, most of all, safe. The main purpose of the sport is to hit the opponent with a paintball.

The general rules to the game; if you are hit on the shoulders or below, unfortunately, you are technically out, do not shoot unarmed people, no shooting above the shoulders, no shooting while re-loading and when you hear "STOP," then "STOP." Pieces of equipment provided in the game include; pump-action Nerf Guns, unlimited ammunition, camouflage tents as barricades, camouflage netting, safety glasses, and team bibs. Goggles or glasses provide safety to the eyes.

For exciting results, keep mixing and matching teams and guns for more fun. For example, a game being played by two different teams can have one team having one team with more players but smaller Nerf guns and the other team since it has fewer players to have more powerful blasters and bigger guns. This game is best played in smaller spaces to make it even more competitive. Also having three teams equally balanced. Each team to have a flag, and the objective of this game is to get the other team's flag. If you are shot, then you have to lie down and wait for your team mate to come and touch you to resurrect you. It requires a larger space so as to accommodate all players in the game.

The third which happens to be the best and most exciting is called "Mr.President." President’s club is a very unique party.The objective of the game is to protect the president while he is being escorted to the designated area. The President is assigned two bodyguards for every one assassin. If the president is shot, then the game over, and the assassins win the game.

Another extreme recreational party is archery tags. It is a game filled with action and excitement.The game is played by dividing yourselves into two teams, and separating them is a "safe zone”. Each team has knockout targets, which are meant to determine the winners.

The game is played by hitting the opposing team's players with foam-tipped arrows and hitting the knockout targets of the opposing team. When the knockout targets are hit, a player is eliminated from the other team. If a player from either team catches an arrow fired from another, he has the power to bring back a player who had been eliminated. The skill, teamwork, and strategy determine the winner of the game.

The game also has points awarded for each task; one point for shooting an opponent, two points for knocking out the opponent's disk, and two points for catching an opponent's arrow. The excellent thing is that this game is extremely safe to play. The arrows are foam-tipped and therefore do not hurt when fired. There are also safety glasses that are provided to protect the eyes.

The final extreme sport is bubble soccer. The game is played by two teams, each team consisting of not more than five players. The match should not start until the players are equal on both teams. Substitutions are allowed during active gameplay. The substitute and the player coming off the game each have to cross the sidelines simultaneously.

Additionally, each player must be in a "battle ball" before getting into the field. The equipment should be worn fully, and the ballon should be fully inflated and shoulders held together by straps to ensure the player is secure inside the ball. Kneepads are recommended and turf shoes. However, sharp objects are not allowed inside the field.

To start the game, the players must line up on the "baseline" close to their goal. Once a player is knocked to the ground, he should be allowed to get up before being contacted again. It is against the rules to hit a player while he is on the ground. The referee ensures that all these rules are followed.

A goal is scored once the whole ball passes over the goal line, under the crossbar, or between the goalposts, provided no rules have been broken. The team scoring the most number of goals during the game wins the match. If there are equal scores during the game, then it is a draw.Have fun at these extreme parties.

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