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Malaysian Online Sportsbook - UEFA Euro Cup 2024 Betting Tips and Tricks at me88

me88 Malaysia is a trusted online casino that regularly offers players new opportunities and features for betting and earning cash rewards. Ever since the me88 Malaysia platform launched its sportsbook, players have been able to bet on national and international sports events worldwide. One of those events is the upcoming UEFA Euro Cup 2024. 

Overview of UEFA Euro Cup 2024

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) organises an international football championship called the UEFA European Championship every four years. In 2024, the 17th edition of the championship tournament is called the UEFA Euro Cup 2024. It is hosted in Germany and will take place between June 14th and July 14th, 2024. 

The UEFA Cup 2024 features 24 finalist teams. Italy is the defending champion after winning the last tournament in 2020. The 24 teams comprise the highest-ranking senior men’s national teams from the participating European countries. These countries include Italy, Germany, Romania, Georgia, Turkey, Hungary, England, Ukraine, Slovenia, Denmark, Switzerland, and many others. 

There were 55 countries (teams) eligible to participate in the UEFA Euro Cup 2024 finals. Based on their performances, ranking, and eligibility requirements, only 24 teams are chosen to compete in the finals. Georgia is the only new team joining the tournament for the first time this year. The 24 teams will play across 10 cities until one remains the champion.

Overview of Group Stage Competition

The UEFA Euro Cup conducts a group stage competition to eliminate teams until the final two remain. The group stage competition divides the 24 teams into the following groups:

  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group C
  • Group D
  • Group E
  • Group F

Four teams are assigned to each group. The teams of each group compete against one another for a chance to make it to the next round of the group stage competition. The three teams of each group that rank the highest will move on to the next round, while the 4th placed team in each group is eliminated from the tournament. 

The second round of the group stage competition is the knockout stage. That is where the three winning teams of each group play against one another. A team is eliminated whenever they lose a match. The teams continue playing and being eliminated until two winning finalists remain. The winner of the final game will be deemed the tournament’s champion. 

Forecasts for the 2024 UEFA Euro Group Stage

Me88 Malaysia has introduced a new AI-powered prediction tool to help gamblers predict which football teams and players will win matches and achieve other outcomes in international football games. The release of this prediction tool, me scoreAI, comes just in time before the UEFA Euro Cup 2024.

According to me88 spokesperson James Snider, scoreAI analyses performance data associated with the UEFA teams and matches to make predictions about future matches. The tool also provides betting odds and live streams of matches in the UEFA Euro Cup 2024. Only members of me88 Malaysia have access to this feature. 

Of course, gamblers should still develop their own winning strategies in preparation for betting on matches and players of the UEFA Euro Cup 2024. The AI tool should only be considered a guide to assist players in developing their betting strategies. Since it is a highly competitive tournament and the odds change frequently, players must be flexible in their strategy to predict the winners. 

If you listen to the experts, they will say that Italy has a good chance of holding onto their championship title. England was the runner-up in the 2020 tournament, so they may be determined to defeat Italy after losing to them. However, if you look at historical statistics of UEFA Euro Cup winners, it is rare for a past winning team to hold onto their title in the next tournament. So, predicting the winners comes down to studying the players’ past and present performances. 

As for individual players, pay attention to 16-year-old Lamine Yamal from Spain because he made history as the youngest player to enter the UEFA European Championship. Also, Albanian midfielder Nedim Bajrami achieved the record for the fastest-scoring goal in the history of the UEFA European Championship. 

Exclusive Bonuses for Sports Betting at me88 Malaysia

me88 is the only online casino and Malaysia sportsbook platform with a wide range of fantastic betting bonuses and rewards. The following are the two top sports betting bonuses to look for when gambling on outcomes in the UEFA Euro Cup 2024:

100% UEFA European Championship Sports Bonus

The 100% UEFA European Championship Sports Bonus is available exclusively to new members of the me88 Malaysia platform. New members are entitled to receive a cash bonus of up to MYR 500 after making an initial deposit of MYR 50 or more and placing a bet on a UEFA sports event. 

Here is how to apply for this sports bonus:

1) Sign up for a new me88 Malaysia account. It must be a new account because you cannot have made any previous deposits before the bonus was available. Only new accounts with no history of deposits are eligible for this sports bonus.

2) Visit your “My Account” homepage dashboard. If you have not added any financial information to your account yet, you must do that before making your first deposit.

3) Add funds to your wallet. Enter a deposit amount of at least MYR 50 (or more if you wish). Wait for the money to be transferred to your wallet.

4) Click on the “Transfer” link. Enter MYR 50 or more, whichever amount you deposited. Transfer this amount from My Wallet to your selected sports game provider wallet. 

5) Review the list of promo codes and select the promo code “100% Sport Welcome Bonus.”

6) If done correctly, you should see the welcome bonus deposited into your sports provider wallet after a few minutes or less.

The 100% UEFA European Championship Sports Bonus has a 20x turnover requirement. This requirement means you must bet 20 times the initial deposit and bonus before withdrawing your winnings. 

For example, let’s say you deposit MYR 500 and then receive a 100% sports bonus of MYR 500. The 20x turnover requirement means you would have to wager MYR 20,000 (MYR 1,000 x 20) on UEFA sports events before you can withdraw your earnings.

UEFA Euro 2024 X CMD Bonus Giveaway

The UEFA Euro 2024 x CMD Bonus Giveaway offers a MYR 140 bonus if you bet on the CMD368 sportsbook during the UEFA Euro Cup 2024. This promotion is open to all members of the me88 Malaysia platform and lasts from June 10th to July 22nd, 2024. 

Member eligibility for the bonus giveaway requires you to meet specific betting requirements each week of the CMD promotion. Members can win one bonus giveaway per week if they meet the betting requirements by the end of that week. 

Here is a breakdown of the betting requirements to earn the bonus:

  • Place at least 3 bets of MYR 235 or more to receive a MYR 5 bonus. 
  • Place at least 5 bets of MYR 470 or more to receive a MYR 18 bonus. 
  • Place at least 10 bets of MYR 470 or more to receive a MYR 40 bonus. 
  • Place at least 10 bets of MYR 1,400 or more to receive a MYR 140 bonus. 

All members automatically qualify for the bonus without applying for the promotion. If you satisfy the betting requirements by the end of each week, the bonus reward will be deposited into the primary wallet of your me88 account. 

Research, Strategize, and Prepare Exciting Online Betting at me88

Online betting at me88 can be highly rewarding and profitable, but you must be strategic and knowledgeable. If you have no experience with sportsbook betting on football games, you should gain some initial experience before betting on the UEFA Euro Cup 2024 games. Since it is a highly competitive tournament, you need to create a comprehensive betting strategy to ensure the best possible outcome on your bets. 

First, you should research the historical gaming records of the players and teams participating in the UEFA Euro Cup 2024. Make a list of all the best-performing players and teams throughout the last two or three tournaments to help you make accurate predictions on the outcome of this upcoming tournament. 

Live betting is a popular strategy for betting on football games, especially games associated with the UEFA European Championship. The rule of thumb is to watch each football game for about 20 minutes or more before betting on the outcome. Also, please take note of the odds that change over the course of the game in real time because they can significantly predict a possible change in the outcome. 

The objective is to wait for the changing odds and stats to correspond with the winning strategy you developed beforehand. Once they do, place your bets and enjoy the likelihood of winning on your bet. If you place a few successful bets, you may feel confident to wager higher bet amounts to win even greater cash rewards.

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