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What is Ethical Gambling?

Gambling is one of the biggest controllers of the world's economy as of this year. In developed countries, the amount of money that circulates annually in the gambling industry is billions of dollars. As exciting as this might seem, there is one significant downside to it, and that is the problem of gambling disorder, which has been on a rapid increase in recent years. There are however various policies that are being put in place to help directly and indirectly resolve this pathology, one of which is Ethical Gambling.

The Concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility” or “Responsible Gambling”

Responsible Gambling is a concept that describes the various ways that the government and other corporate bodies have put together in making the gambler aware of the difficulties of the game and hence helping tailor their minds towards making the right decision.

Responsible Gambling points out the dangers involved in gambling, such as gambling pathology. It also exposes the mind of gamblers to various ways through which these pathologies can come and ways to avoid. Responsible Gambling or corporate social responsibility puts the focus more on the gambler than the policies.

Possible Definitions of “Ethical Gambling”

Ethical Gambling in a much newer concept that is being introduced into the gambling industry. This concept does not seek to replace Responsible Gambling; instead, it serves as a form of compliment for the idea.

Ethical Gambling is used to describe the role of the government of a particular country that supports Gambling in the gambling industry as a whole. This involves government laying down policies and rules to guide the game providers as well as the gamblers themselves. This is in a bid to reduce, largely, the alarming increase of Gambling disorder especially those involved in online gambling.

These policies are strategically set to help gambling industries to take steps in giving out maximum bonus and benefits that might keep attracting the gamblers and causing them to want to put in more cash into the game.

Ethical Gambling also lay down rules and limits to curtail the excesses of gamblers. This is done to prevent the syndrome and pathological consequences associated with the game.

How Gambling Corporations Can Deal with Gambling Disorders Through “Ethical Gambling Policy”

There are several proposed ways, which can help to reduce the disorder significantly. This is dependent on both the gambling cooperation as well as the gambler. For the gambling corporation or company involved, they can start by first reducing the number of gambling platforms available for the gambler. In the US, it is said that there is a casino at least ten buildings away from the house of a gambler. This can be reduced to discourage the gambler from frequently visiting the casinos and other gaming centres.

The number of mobile platforms and online casinos available can as well be reduced, and those that allowed should be carefully instructed to reduce the number of bonuses and promotional offers that are available for the gambler. This will go a long way in discouraging the gambler from playing some games.

Also, since the gambling disorder is more like an addiction, just like the taking of hard drugs, the advertisement of gambling games should be toned down of if need be to advertise consistently, the danger of the addiction should also be clearly pointed out to the gambler so they can see the downside of it and make informed choices.

Gambling has come to stay, and it might be difficult to eradicate it; more so, it is offering more jobs and making more money available to some people. However, it is crucial to place some regulations on the game. This is beyond mere information, but the government should make viable policies that will govern the game and help the gambler make informed choices.

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