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4 Essential Maintenance Things for a PC Gamer

PC gaming nowadays is more than just normal gaming. With customizability and hacks available to deploy every time the need arises, PCs have become a far more favorable choice than any other gaming console. When you are a PC gamer, your setup and computer will be dearer to you more than anything. This will require you to be extra vigilant and ready to tackle slight interruptions or even adverse cases on a prompt basis if you are dealing with the hardware of your PC. Therefore, you must equip yourself early for any situation. Here are some of the tools that you must have to ensure your PC's maintenance.

Electric Blowers

Dust accumulation is a common thing when using a PC for longer periods. When you open your CPU cabinet for cleaning after a certain time interval, you end up in a mess of sticky dirt. This is the result of the mixing of accumulated dirt, moisture, oil, and wire melting, which is very harmful to processors and power units where the major fans reside. Therefore, you must have a cleaning duster in the form of an electric blower that blows off the dust without even touching the circuits. You can visit online to know more about electric dusting for PC.

Screwdriver Kit

Maintaining your gaming PC hardware can be demanding. This can involve owning an entire screwdriver kit. This is because every component of your PC can be having different sizes and designs of fixtures and you won’t want to fiddle with tools at the need of the hour. Therefore, having the necessary screwdriver kit will help you in opening and adjusting the important and problematic fixtures in one go.

PSU Tester

This tool is required for the most basic yet crucial issue that involves a power supply. Usually, when there is an issue with the power supply unit and the PC power goes dead, it becomes impossible to detect the failure cause without having another CPU to attach the PSU unit. This is where the PSU tester helps. A simple device can be attached to the PSU and checked for receiving the power. A good PSU tester will also show you the power supply status like the voltages and amperes. This feature can take you to the root cause of the problem and let you know if it occurred due to the domestic power supply.


When it comes to the hardware status, it is a cumbersome task while using a Windows interface. Not just it being complex, it is scattered at different places. You’ll find something in the Task Manager, some information in the settings app while for many others you might have to dive deep into the programming and codes. CPU-Z software is the solution to all this hassle. CPU-Z scans and tells you the details and status of the functioning of every component of your system. These details include general items like name and function to very specific and finer ones like fan speed, temperatures, power readings, clocks, engine power, shredding rates, GPU status, etc.

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