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What Should You Spend Your Crowns On
in the ESO Crown Store?

In-game stores are great, but sometimes there's too much choice, and you're not sure where you should be putting your currency. This is especially true if you're a new player without much experience in the game. The primary form of currency in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is gold. Players need ESO gold for just about everything. You need it for repairing gear, buying new equipment, upgrading weaponry, contributing to a guild, and more. If you’re tired of grinding, you can always purchase ESO gold from other skilled players.

However, there is another type of currency in ESO - Crowns. ESO Crowns are a premium form of currency that allows you to buy cosmetic and quality-of-life items on the Crown store. You can obtain Crowns by purchasing them on your ESO account or through the Xbox Live Store or PlayStation Store. Additionally, all new players are given a gift of 500 Crowns. If you're not sure where to spend your 500 Crowns, or maybe you've bought more Crowns but haven't yet decided what to buy, then you're in the right place. Here we'll tell you the best items available to you on the Crown Store. Let's take a look.

The Don't-Buys

Let's start with what you shouldn't buy...

Crown Crates

Crown Crates are essentially glorified loot boxes, which means your odds at getting what you want from them are low. As a general rule, prioritize almost anything else on the Crown Store over the Crown Crates; they're simply not worth it. However, if you have a lot of Crowns to spend and like the mystery and excitement of loot boxes, and don't get frustrated when you get a poor drop, then go for it!

Motif Packs

You can find Motif Packs by selecting Crafting in the store and then clicking on Motifs. If you're thinking, "some of these look pretty cool, why shouldn't I buy them?" the answer is because you can earn them in-game. You can get the same motifs from running dungeons or buying them from Guild Traders. Not only can you earn them in-game, but they're super expensive on the Crown Store. For example, some of the pricier packs are around 6000 Crowns, or around $60. That's a huge amount of money to drop on something it won't take you long to earn through playing. Some of them you'll have to buy with ESO gold, but it would still be cheaper to buy ESO gold online with real money than to buy the Crowns you need to purchase the Motifs.

The Should-Buys

Okay, now for the things that are worth buying. These are the top-rate items you can buy on the Crown Store...


If you don't have ESO+, then buying DLCs on the Gamecamp is a good idea. You get access to new and exciting content, new items, and achievements.

Storage Boxes

The Storage boxes are more useful for veteran players than new players, but it's still something worth considering for all players. These storage boxes can give you more storage in your house and make your life easier.

Banker and Merchant Assistants

You can summon these assistants to either buy items you want to offload (Merchant) or hold onto items or gold for you (banker). These assistants offer a huge convenience boost. No longer will you be walking around and suddenly realize you need to change course to find a banker or merchant; you can just summon your own.

Each assistant costs 5000 Crowns, so you'll likely have to decide which one you want more before going ahead and purchasing. But which one do you pick? Well, bankers are less common in the game, so a banker might be more useful. However, if you do a lot of long quests, you might benefit more from a merchant.

It's also worth noting that while these assistants are an excellent buy for most players if you do a lot of PvP, your Crowns are probably best spent elsewhere. The battlefield is a dangerous place, so you can't summon these assistants in Cyrodil.

New Classes

You can buy two Classes on the Crown Store, the Warden Class and the Necromancer class. If you don't already have these classes, then they're definitely worth the purchase because they allow you to experience a totally new aspect of the game. Necromancers call upon corpses to help them in combat and can weave ghastly healing and damage spells. Wardens are a nature-based class that can summon animals and wield frost spells. Both are a lot of fun and worth checking out!

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