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Easy Magic Tricks That You Can Show Off at Parties

Magic Tricks

Hiring a magician or a fun mentalist as an entertainer for parties is quite common these days. Magicians act as the perfect icebreakers at parties which is why their demand is increasing day by day. Not only kids but adults are also intrigued and fascinated by magic tricks. There are a lot of magic tricks that are performed by magicians nowadays. The world of magic has advanced from simple magic tricks to creating great illusions. However, as a beginner, you should start with some simple tricks that you can perform in front of your friends and family. Below are some easy and most common magic tricks you can perform at parties. 

1- Reversing the Card 

Magicians have several card tricks with which they easily impress their audience. One of these tricks is reversing the card backward in the deck. The magician takes a volunteer from the audience and asks him to pick a card out of the deck. After the card is placed back in the deck, the party magician finds it without knowing the card selected by the person. To get this trick done, all you have to do is flip the bottom card of your deck. While the person is looking at the card he has drawn, flip the rest over so that only the bottom card is face down. Then place the selected card face down in the middle of the deck. You will know which card it was as it will be the only face-down card in the entire deck.

2- Finding the Missing Magic Card 

You will only require a deck of playing cards for this magic trick. Before starting, divide the playing cards into black and red. The key factor here is to remember the color placed on the pinnacle of the deck. After that, fan out some of the cards from the pinnacle and ask for a volunteer from the audience to pick a card. Once the person sees the card thoroughly, he will place it back inside the deck. Once the card is back in the deck, split the deck in half and reshuffle the entire deck. Within a second, you will be able to figure out the missing card. Once you glance at the deck yourself, you will be able to know the trick. Since the cards are divided evenly in black and red, there is a possibility of a color mismatch. That will be your magic card. 

3- Showing Mathematical Skills with Mindpower 

Using mathematical skills and adding some trickery to it is always a winning scam for magicians. Not only do they make their audience feel fooled, but they go crazy figuring out the tricks you’ll be playing with them. Here you must engage the audience in counter questions to make the trick even more difficult. 

4- Vanishing the Coin 

Vanishing coin is one of the famous tricks magicians use at parties, but it also requires practice. For this trick, you will require a dark-colored scarf or a headband along with a rubber band and a coin. Before starting the trick, place the rubber band on the thumb and the three following fingers. However, the audience must not see the rubber band. When you are ready to do the trick, grab the scarf with your right hand and place it over your left hand. To make the trick even more interesting, you can ask the audience for the coin. After getting the coin, place the coin on the scarf. Fold the handkerchief, keep your hands open and grab the coin with a small portion of the handkerchief. After that, release your hand from the rubber band and put the coin away. When the coin is properly invisible, wave the handkerchief or drop it on the ground to show that the coin has disappeared.

5- Moving the Pen

This is another easy and unique trick to perform at parties that needs a pen and a flat floor. You must be a little sneaky to perform this trick smoothly. Tell the audience that you will be transferring the pen throughout the floor with the energy of your mind. After that, just rub the pen with your sleeves. This is done to show the people that you are infusing a unique intellectual pressure field to the pen. After that, place the pen on a smooth surface, with your hand above it. Finally, lean over to focus on the intellectual strength of the pen and start moving the pen with your index finger. The audience will be so focused on seeing the pen move that they won’t be able to figure out that you are slowly blowing the pen ahead. This trick requires a lot of practice to master, so practice well before performing it in front of someone. 

With the magic tricks shared above, you can become an instant best magician at your upcoming party. These tricks are very easy to master and perform and are perfect for beginners. Just practice and master them to fascinate your audience and indulge them in the magical world you create. 

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