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D&D Duets: How Dungeons & Dragons
Can Be Played With Only 2 People

Dungeons & Dragons is a game that allows people to work together to create a story. A D&D group is usually as large as the Dungeon Master can manage. However, sometimes, especially in recent times, it is impossible to schedule a time that allows a larger group to play. This situation can lead to the common misconception that a lack of adventurers is what prevents them from pursuing their dreams. However, even two people can make a unique story together.

These types of one-on-1 games are more common than you might think and are often called Duets. This term refers to the close relationship between a DM (chief strategist) and a player. And they have no one to play against and must work together at all times. This Dungeons & Dragons campaign can also be done with any pair of people, but it is common to hear about Duet adventures played between romantic partners.

Why D&D 4e Has a Complicated Reputation

Dungeons & Dragons

Although Duet games can be done, you must remember to take some liberties to allow the group-focused mechanic's 5e tools to work well with such a small player base. The default combat encounters in the game would be unfair to a Player Character that only has one Player Character. It is also unnecessary to have mechanics testing the whole group, such as puzzles or abilities not targeted at the PC.

How to Balance a Two-Player Dungeons & Dragons Duet

There are many solutions to balance the issues. These include making the Player Character higher to reduce the threat of these engagements and creating a cast of colorful Dungeons and Dragons NPCs that the PC can take along on their quests. These types of "sidekicks," as well as D&D Essentials kits, are already available for 2-player games. These and other solutions can be combined to a significant effect. However, the DM, as well as the Player, need to decide together who they will go with.

Due to this issue and the fact that a Duet's story revolves around only one person, the narrative is often more prominent than an average D&D game. The Duet has only one decision-maker, so there is no need to deliberate. If the Player is present, the story can be moved from a beat to beat very quickly. This creates a more personal level for the Player Character, which has the benefit of making much less deliberation. The communication and cooperation between players and Dungeon Masters must extend to character creation, allowing for proper narrative planning during a Duet.

The Duet campaign Dungeons & Dragons is a unique type of game that's well worth trying at least once. A Duet allows two people to enjoy a game they both love, and this is a special kind of experience makes it worth the effort.

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