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Dos and Don'ts of Slot Gaming

Playing slots and online games at Slotzo is a lot of fun, but it can quickly get out of control if you don’t take the time to think carefully before (and during) your gameplay. A hobby can become an addiction if you’re not aware of the dangers. Conversely, something that should be a fun way to relax can become frustrating and misery-making if you’re not sure what to do. So here are some useful dos and don’ts when it comes to slot gaming that will help you enjoy in just the right measure. 


  • The more you pay, the more you can win
    This is not always the case, but in the majority of games the more you pay the more you can win back again. That is, a game that has a higher minimum input will have a higher jackpot than a game with a lower minimum input. So if you’re playing to win some money back and you don’t mind spending more on each spin, look for the games with the higher wagering requirements. If you just want to play and spread your budget out as much as possible, the lower requirements will be better. 
  • Have a budget
    No matter how much you might have in the bank, there is going to be a limit as to how much you can comfortably spend on online slots without feeling the pinch. That might be a large amount or it could be a small amount, but whatever it is you need to know it before you get started. If you don’t have a budget in place, you could quickly overspend and find yourself unable to buy essentials further down the line. Your budget needs to be an amount you can lose and not miss because you have to assume once you’ve spent the money you’re not going to see it again. 
  • Stay in control
    The moment you feel that your online slot habit is starting to get out of hand (you’re playing when you should be doing other things, you’re spending too much money, you’re hiding your gambling, and other signs) you need to walk away. If you don’t, you run the risk of a small problem becoming a much bigger one, and one that could ruin you financially and destroy your career and relationships too. It’s just not worth it for what is essentially a hobby to pass the time. 


  • Sign up for the first casino you land on
    You’ll do a search on Google and find a list of interesting looking online casinos. The key is not to simply click on the first one on the list and sign up there and then. You’ll need to take some time to check out a few different casinos first, and find the one that works best for you. Some will offer welcome bonuses including matched deposits and free spins, and some will have games that others don’t. Spend a little time researching the best casino for your needs and you’ll have a lot more fun playing.
  • Play slots you don’t enjoy
    We only have a limited amount of time in this life, so why spend it doing something you don’t enjoy in your spare time? Work is a different matter – we all have to do things we don’t like at work. But when you’re free to choose it makes no sense to do something unpleasant, so don’t play slots you don’t enjoy. Trialling slots in the free mode first is a great idea as you won’t waste any money on something that isn’t fun for you. If there is no demo mode, just spend as little as possible until you’re sure the slot you’re playing is a yes or a no.
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