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Understanding Different Types of
Gaming and Slot Machines

Gaming and Slot Machines

It is almost 130 years since the first gaming machine was designed, and over the many years they have been around they have proven to be hugely popular with players.

With so many gaming machines around you may be interesting in finding out more about them such as learning which slot machines are the best ones to play. You may fancy playing the game of Keno, for it is an extremely easy game to play and entails you simply trying to predict some of the numbers that will be drawn out of the onscreen ball machine.

Below I will be introducing you to the many different types of gaming and slot machines you can play in a range of playing environments and give you few hints and playing tips too.

The Best Slot Machines to Play

There are so many different categories of slot machines it is worth getting an understanding as to how they are all designed, as that way you will soon discover the ones that appeal to you the most.

Fruit machines are most commonly found in UK and European gaming venues, so it is unlikely you will find them available at U.S. facing casino sites. They are simply a type of slot that offer a plethora of bonus games and bonus features but tend to be designed for exceptionally low stake players.

Classic slots are the older styled machines which come with just three reels and one single pay line. Therefore, they are extremely basic in their design and offer a rapid-fire type of playing structure.

Video slot machines are the most popular slots in all playing environments, they offer animated graphics, lots of pay lines and are often structured around a five reel type of playing format too.

Bonuses games and bonus features are what makes those types of gaming machines popular with players, and they can include pick and win bonus round, sets of free spins and even wheel spinning based bonus features.

One other type of slot to look out for are progressive slots, as the name suggests when playing them you have the chance of winning a potentially huge and often life changing jackpot, that continues to rise in value as they are being played until such a time as one lucky player manages to win the jackpot on offer.

Playing Keno Strategically

Those of you wondering how to win at keno slot machines, well the secret to having a greater chance of getting more of your stake money back as winning payouts is based on just how many numbers you select.

Most Keno machines allow you to pick out up to ten numbers, which can be any from number one through to number eighty. Each number grouping you select will have its own payout percentage though. As such when playing online you need to look that all important information up and pick out and play the number grouping that does offer the highest payout percentage.

Which Video Poker Machines Offer the Best Paybacks?

Another type of gaming machine that you are bound to come across are video poker games. There are single hand variants and multi hand variants, and each game you select will have a different set of payouts listed on its respective pay table.

As each pay table will offer a different RTP, often referred to as the payout percentage then you will need to pick out the variant with the highest one, and not only that make sure you make use of the auto hold setting too.

By putting that option setting into live play and activating it, once you have been dealt out your initial five cards the game itself will then pick out which cards to hold, based on the perfect strategy of that variant.

As such you will never make any player errors with it switched on, and therefore you will always have the best chances of forming a winning hand combination. So, make sure you therefore play the game offering the best set of pay backs on its pay table and turn the auto play setting on.

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