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Difference Between Free Spin and Respin Feature in Online Slot Machine

Difference Between Free Spin and Respin

Online gambling games are growing so fast with the presence of various types of games presented by operators. You are free to choose which online slot machine to play as a betting arena to get financial coffers. As a beginner gambler, choosing a toto slot machine is one of the main keys that should not be forgotten.

This is important to do to prevent defeats that can be detrimental financially and on time. There are several criteria for choosing a game Online Slot that must be considered such as looking at the appearance of the online slot machine site, ensuring the betting price, to the prize promos given.

Free Spin Feature

The free spin feature or free spin on online slot machines is a highly anticipated bonus for players including beginners. Free spins can provide an opportunity to do a few rounds back without having to spend money. It's not easy to get the free spin bonus feature. You must look for three symbols that come out simultaneously or more.

The number of spins that come out will determine the value of free spins that will be obtained, where each symbol value that comes out is usually different from the number of spins obtained. But don't worry, there are surefire ways to get free spins that you can apply. First, before playing, make sure the free spin image is in the online slot machine game.

How to make sure it's easy enough by looking directly at the information menu section. The goal is for you to know how to get it easily. Typically, several free spins can be obtained depending on the terms and conditions of the site agent.Second, make sure the free spin combination image that you have checked is in the front row or first place. If there isn't then play a few rounds until you get it.

Respin Feature

The respin feature can appear by landing some special symbols. When the toto togel slot machine game appears with 3 bonus symbols on a similar payline, the symbol will remain in position while the other symbols will be reshuffled. Thus online gambling players have the opportunity to win even more prizes when they get a respin bonus. Not only that, this bonus feature can also trigger other features such as multipliers, scatters, and wild cards that will make players win a lot of bets.

In fact, in some slot machine games, the respin feature can increase the number of pay lines. If the original paylines of online gambling slot games are for example 45, then when the game round uses respin paylines can increase to thousands of wins. The increase in pay lines as a result of the respin bonus in this online slot game takes place periodically. You can get this lucrative bonus feature in several online slot games from Microgaming such as Retro Reels or Starburst from provider Net Ent.

The Impact of Free Spins and Respins in Online Slots Gambling

Free Spins

Meanwhile, in-game rounds using free spins, generally the winning prizes for bettors will double. For example, if the normal spin bettor wins 10,000, in the game round using free spins the prize can be 2x/3x/4x bigger. The amount of win multiples also depends on the number of scatters that appear.

  • 3 scatter symbols = 10x free spins & multiplier/multiplier 2x
  • 4 scatter symbols = 15x free spins & 3x multiplier/multiplier
  • 5 scatter symbols = 20x free spins & 5x multiplier/multiplier

In addition, online slot gambling bettors have the opportunity to win other bonuses in the free spins round. The most beneficial impact of free spins in online slot gambling games is that players can trigger other free spins up to the maximum amount set in the game being played.


Respins offers great benefits to online gambling players because this feature can increase the number of pay lines/ways to win from online slot machines. For example, the slot gambling being played only offers 25 paylines, it could be more than 100 or even more depending on the bonus icon that appears.


  • 3 Bonus icons = 125 paylines.
  • 4 Bonus icons = 405 paylines.
  • 5 Bonus icons = 675 paylines.

On the other hand, on respins the bonus symbols will stay in place and the regular symbols will be shuffled as usual. It will stop immediately until no other winning combination appears. If you've got a lot more than a few years of experience, you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few years of experience.

Because if the bonus symbol fills the Online Slot reels, the bettor manages to trigger a jackpot that cannot be obtained from free spins. So even though the respins feature cannot trigger other bonuses in online slots, this is not a problem because of the opportunity to get the biggest prizes from this game.

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