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Diablo 2 Resurrected: Which Items Should You Enchant at Charsi?

At the end of the first act, we are offered an enchantment at Charsi as a quest reward. A white or ethereal item is transformed into a rare item. With a little luck, the enchantment at Charsi can create very powerful D2R armor and weapons. In this article we explain when an enchantment is worthwhile and what influence we have.

Diablo 2

Enchanting is unlocked as a reward for the task "The right tool" in the first act. It is the 5th quest in which we are supposed to get the penalty from the blacksmith in the barracks. We don't have to defeat the blacksmith himself. The next waypoint to the barracks is the Outer Monastery.

The quest is considered complete when we have claimed the enchantment. But we can bring back the penalty and only later enchant an items. The task is available in every level of difficulty, so that we have a total of three enchantments available per character.

Are the enchantments in Diablo 2 Resurrected different for each level of difficulty? No, the difficulty level does not affect the enchantment.

Requirements and calculation of the enchantment

Basically, the system is pretty easy to understand. We can only enchant white objects without a base from Charsi. The selected item becomes a rare item with an item level that is 4 levels higher than our character level. Thus the enchanted D2R ladder items get better the higher our character level is. Properties that were on the item before enchantment are lost in the process.

Can ethereal items be enchanted in Diablo 2 Resurrected? Yes you can. As our colleagues from Planetdiablo write, this is particularly worthwhile with crystal swords and dimensional blades, which are then upgraded to indestructible phase blades with the appropriate horadrim cube recipe.

Which items cannot be enchanted? Since there are only white items to choose from, no magic, rare, unique or set items can be enchanted. Since there are also no wise rings, amulets, jewels and spells, they are completely eliminated.

When should you enchant an item at Charsi in Diablo 2 Resurrected? If you want to level up quickly at a ladder start, you will use this service very early and hope for a bit of luck. Otherwise, it is advisable to cancel the enchantment for a later point in time, as you get better and better equipment at the first levels. Some players even wait until they reach level 94 so that the item level of the result is 99.

The best items to enchant

Let's get to the most important point. Which weapons and armor should you enchant at Charsi? Most of the items that come out of enchanting are worthless, so enchanting shouldn't be taken too seriously. Most often the diadem is enchanted, as all possible affixes can roll from character level 8. This is because the tiara has a high magic level and a high quality level. These are hidden values that cannot be seen in the game. Otherwise belts, gloves and shoes will be enchanted. The other slots rarely produce a good result.


In this guide we have only summarized the important information. If you are only looking for a certain affix that only occurs between levels X and X, you will have to look for a profound Charsi guide. The only guide that we can recommend is the guide from Planatdiablo. There you will find tables for all slots that tell you from which level all affixes are possible.

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