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Immerse Yourself: Deep Online Experiences

It's a word you'll hear bandied around in every industry sector, from retail to the arts, from gaming to medicine. Immersion, or more specifically, immersive experiences are all the rage, and in no small part because of huge technological advancements. One only has to take a glance at the enormous Sphere, recently opened in Las Vegas (a town never known for its half-measures) to see the other-worldly possibilities of a 160,000 square foot 16k wraparound screen, in a venue that can host almost 20,000 people.

Let’s not dwell on the events of 2020, but one take-away was that we looked closer to home for our entertainment, and the demand for immersive experiences from our living rooms increased. Let’s take a look at some of the immersive experiences we can enjoy on our mobile devices.


Casino Games

Check out any online casino worth its salt, and among the games, you’re likely to find such options as live roulette for real money, as well as other video dealer games such as poker, blackjack, and in some places, baccarat. Interaction with these dealers brings a new level of engagement and immersion to the proceedings, evoking the atmosphere, competition and camaraderie that a brick-and-mortar establishment provides. Competing against real opponents also offers a new level of immersion and user experience.

Some casinos are even beginning to use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) features, which means that a greater level of interaction with the casino space and its players and dealers becomes possible, bringing the overall experience closer to the multiplayer experience offered by traditional PC and console games. This is a testament not only to the game developers but also to the advancements in mobile tech that we carry around with us.

Museum Tours

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel the world, taking in all the incredible museums with artefacts and artworks dating back centuries? Well, many major museums and galleries have made their collections available online in the last few years, and many are free to view — some even come replete with tour guides for a completely immersive, hi-rez experience that you can enjoy from your computer or mobile device.

Some of the institutions to open their virtual doors include the Hermitage Museum in Moscow, with three million pieces dating from the Stone Age to the present day; the British Museum with its collections of ancient artifacts from many civilisations; the Louvre in Paris, home to the iconic Mona Lisa but also thousands of other priceless artworks; the Uffizi in Florence, with its extensive Renaissance collection, and even the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.


The Great Indoors

Whether you’re not in the mood for going out you live a long way from any interesting natural areas, or you’re less mobile, there are some great apps and websites to immerse yourself in nature. One such calming option is the British Wildlife Soundscape — this is made up of beautiful recordings of British forest life, replete with birdsong, the calls of different woodland animals (including a surprisingly noisy hedgehog), and the general ambience of the outdoors. The sounds were lovingly recorded and provided by the British Library.

But you’ll find plenty of other areas of the world to listen to, from the shifting glaciers of Antarctica to the vibrant Amazon rainforests, teeming with life — a cursory search on the App store should get you started.

Immersive experiences are at a premium when it comes to entertainment and relaxation. And as mobile tech (and the advanced apps that come with it) continues to develop, we’ll be able to go deeper and deeper. Just don’t forget the real world is still out there!

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