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Decoding Some Interesting Facts About Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest games in the world of gambling. The game was the brainchild of the famous physicist and mathematician Blaise Pascal. He is also credited with setting the rules and regulations of the game and the invention of the roulette wheel. In today’s time, many land-based casinos offer roulette as one of their main games. It is considered to be a very stylish and classy game. People gather around the roulette table and the croupier spins the wheel with the ball landing on a number. The person who has guessed the number correctly wins the prize. This is the only game where the other players cheer for each other and the excitement level is always high. 

With the dawn of technology and powerful internet connection systems, the traditional casinos have shifted their base towards dominating the online gambling space. Some sites offer roulette games and live roulette sessions as well. Some of them also offer variations of the roulette game. The most popular variations are American, French and European roulette games. Even though the rules for playing roulette are the same, these three variants differ in terms of features and layout. 

The live roulette session allows the player to relish a real-life casino experience. They also get to have a one to one conversation with actual human dealers. The player has to choose the best online roulette casino before spending huge amounts of money. Some sites do offer free online roulette games for trials and experimentation. Mobile gaming has further increased the popularity of roulette with people now being able to access the game at any point in the day. There are some interesting facts surrounding roulette. 

1. There were 2 zeros in the original roulette table

It is said that the original roulette has two zeros. This was based on a literature piece in a 1795 book called La Roulette le Jour. Thus began the journey of the roulette of two zeros. The first roulette table with two zeros was taken by the German casinos who wanted to lure customers towards the game with a promise of offering higher chances of winning. Then this game became popular in Las Vegas where it earned the name American roulette. Unlike its counterpart, the European roulette has one zero only. 

2. Roulette is expensive

Roulette is an expensive game, particularly the roulette table. The roulette table can cost somewhere between $5000 to $7000. This amount is less when compared to the world’s most expensive roulette table. The table is embellished in 14 kg of gold and silver and is valued at half a million dollars.

3. Understanding the House Edge

The house edge remains the same for all games but it differs in case of roulette. There are two kinds of house edge rules called the La Partage and En Prison. These house edge rules are found in all variants except for the French roulette. These rules become applicable when the player bets on colour and receives the number zero. The player gets half the black bet because of the La Partage rule. By applying the En Prison rule, the player leaves the bet for the next spin. The house edge reduces to 1.35%. These are the best bets a player can avail of for the win. When the value of house edge increases, then it is a bad roulette bet. These rules can be applied to American roulette as well. The value of high edge bet, in this case, is 7.89%. 

4. Roulette is also called The Devil’s Game

There is nothing to feel scared about as roulette has no direct connections with the devil per se. It amounts to a superstitious belief as in the older times, people labelled it as the devil’s game as the sum of the three Roulette numbers added up to 666 which in certain Christian beliefs is considered to be a devil’s number.

5. Facts about American Roulette

Initially, during the ancient time, the American roulette table consisted of numbers from 1 to 28, 0, 00 and a field with Bald eagle which represents the US. These roulette tables then went out of fashion and people stopped playing with them.

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