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Dangers That Accompany Online Casino Bonuses

Playing at an online casino can be a lot of fun, especially as it carries within it features, an exciting opportunity to win free coins or bonuses. Even if you are not great with computers, it does not stop you from playing and enjoying casino bonuses and scratchcards online. This is because betting sites are quite straightforward to navigate.


Despite the fascinating and attractive features of online casino bonuses, the danger attached to this so-called generosity is unknown to the players. These bonuses are often used to make it hard for the player to get returns on the first deposit. Hence, before considering receiving online casino bonuses, you must understand the dangers involved. Thus, the following are to be considered before receiving these bonuses 

● The Gambling Requirements

Online casino bonuses have gambling requirements, quite most of them. These requirements restrict players to playing just a certain number of times with bonus cash. These casinos give you no choice other than for you to wager your bonus a certain number of times. To be more explicit, the range could be from 15x (times) to 60x, even more than some times.

So let’s say you took a $100 bonus at 60x. It means you are to place over $6000 before you will be able to get your initial deposit! Therefore, try to find a play-through requirement between 15x to 30x when taking bonuses.

● The Watch or Clearing Time

With casino bonuses, watching the clock is important. Mostly, some offers and deals are time-limited. That is, there is an expiration attached to it. This means that the bonus coupon must be redeemed before it expires, and should your watch doesn’t work, and your bonus expires, you lose your chance of winning. 

Further to the above, this is to imply that, apart from the play-through requirement, sometimes, online casinos create a small window that you can use to clear a bonus, and this can be from a week and a few more. However, you definitely can have a much longer or indefinite time to clear the bonus in the higher casino, as it were. However, clearing a bonus can be a difficult task or perhaps almost impossible if you just have a week to clear the bonus. Hence, it is critical for you to stick to a casino that offers a longer time to clear the bonus. 

● Game Restriction 

Apparently, not all bonuses can be used for all games on online casino sites. Candidly, some are merely available in a handful of games. And several treacherous online casinos often use this to cheat players. Therefore, it is imperative to read and understand the terms of the bonus to be charged and before you get charged. Also, before you decide on the bonus, you will do well for yourself to make sure that the bonus is available. Another important thing to note when claiming bonus cash is the games included in the gambling requirements. 


In all, when it comes to casino bonuses, the main crux of it all is that you have a choice to make. However, you interpret the bonus offers.

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