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Cybersport Is a Discipline of the Present and the Future

Since the days of the Dendy, each of us has tried to pass the level faster than the opponent in "tanks", collect more coins in Super Mario, or use a light gun to hit a lot of endless ducks in Duck Hunt. You may be surprised, but these tournaments visiting a friend or girlfriend are the simplest examples of the presence of gaming in our lives, because the main principle of this sport is competition, albeit within the framework of a virtual field. Esports tournaments are no less popular, with millions of people watching them on progamestars. Now tournaments are present in almost all online games, which cannot but please the viewer.


Today, our choice could be shooting in "CS" or "game in DOTA" after a hard day. Surprisingly, for a huge number of people, computer games are their favorite sport, work and the meaning of life.

How is the world of eSports developing?

In simple words, eSports is a team and individual competition in computer games. The popularity of this sport is growing at an incredible pace, the number of disciplines, gamers, spectators and investments in this area is constantly increasing.

eSports Audience

Hundreds of millions of people of different age categories around the world play computer games every day, watch online broadcasts of the largest events; tens of thousands come to support their favorite teams in huge stadiums.

According to various research centers, the average age of eSports fans is between 15 and 30 years old, among which 80% are men and 20% are women. Obviously, fans of electronic disciplines are quite young compared to fans of classic sports. But if you think that only young people who have nothing to do but play computer games are interested, this is a fundamentally erroneous judgment. As with all rules, there are exceptions: people of completely different physical and age categories can find themselves here.

Today, in the eSports world, there is a tendency to unite people into teams, for whom the date of birth is just numbers in the passport.

Professional eSportsmens - who are they?

An esportsman is a player who takes part in esports events. Professional players represent one or another gaming organization in which they receive a regular salary plus a percentage of the prize pool of tournaments.

What amounts are we talking about? Today, the monthly salary of a professional esports player ranges from $500 to $30,000, depending on the level of organization, the number and quality of sponsors, and the gaming success that the team achieves. As a great addition to regular income, many athletes make good money through personal advertising contracts, online broadcasts and blogs.

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