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Cricket Betting & Odds

Cricket Betting

Cricket is a fascinating sport for many people. This team sport has many more rules than the average sport, which makes it a particularly interesting sport for wagering. In fact, cricket is so popular that most sportsbook sites cover all the major leagues and events.

If you have never wagered on Cricket before, the first time might be daunting. In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know, so you have all the necessary information before getting started.

A crash course on Cricket

If you’re a baseball fan, Cricket will be easier to understand since it shares many points in common. There are two teams, the game is played in a large field, and a ball needs to be hit with a bat. The players also need to run to safe areas to score points; during this, they can lose to the opposite team. But that’s more or less where similarities end.

In Cricket, teams are composed of eleven players. There are two innings, which means one team must “bowl out” the other team twice and get more runs to win. Because of the nature of the game, some matches can extend up to five days! Now that we have an overview of this sport, it’s time to discuss cricket betting & odds.

Where can I bet on Cricket?


Aside from physical sports betting locations, you can bet online. This is the preferred method for many since it’s very convenient to do. There are many functionalities too. Some online sportsbooks let you watch matches in real-time and offer analyses, stats, and much more info for strategists.

There are also additional advantages if you choose a good sportsbook website. There are usually promotions and bonuses, especially for new players. These can include free bets, cashback, and more. Some of them even have casino sections. If you’re interested in casino games, you don’t need to create an additional account elsewhere to play.

Always check that the site in question is reputable by researching user experiences. It’s a major plus if they hold a proper licence from regulating bodies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

How odds work in Cricket

The most important consideration you need to make before placing any bet is the odds. Superficially, odds are how much you win if your bet is successful, compared to what you originally wagered.

This multiplier alone is used by strategists. For example, odds might be disadvantageous for one team because the bookkeeper has certain information about the match and assesses the probability it’ll win over the other one. But the player has found some information that would tip the odds in favour of such a team and places a bet more confidently.

Another thing to consider is that in Cricket, odds change over the course of time. This is because the game is dynamic, and the teams’ performances can change at any time, so the moment you place a bet is a factor too. Another tip is that Test matches have higher odds than Twenty20 matches.

This all sounds very exciting, but the problem is there are different systems, and it’s pretty confusing for the beginner. We’ll cover these differences next.

Fractional odds

These odd types are the most common and simpler to understand. They are typically displayed in this format: 10/1, 5/2, etc. You need to remember that the first number is how much you win if your bet is successful, and the second is how much you bet. Let’s take these two examples and put numbers on them.

The first one, 10/1, means that you can win £10 for each £1 you bet. So, if you bet £4 and the bet is successful, you get £40. The second one works similarly, but the numbers are trickier. In that case, for each £2 you bet, you win £5. Why don’t they simply use “X/1” for everything? That’s because the win would need to be displayed with decimals. For example, 5/2 would need to be 2.5/1, which is pretty confusing and may lead to some believing it’s a decimal odd.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are another way sportsbooks display cricket odds. You need to remember that the higher the number, the more likely the outcome. So, if an odd is displayed as 0.75, it means the sportsbook places the probability of that team winning at 75%. These numbers are simple, but it can also get more complicated.

It’s not uncommon to stumble upon things like 4.25 or such fractional numbers. In this case, it means you win 4.25 times what you bet if your wager is successful. So you bet £10, you get £42.50.

To sum up

Cricket is a great sport for placing bets. We covered all the important topics, and you can now be confident in understanding the different betting systems in place. Remember to make your wagering responsible and safe.

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