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All the Types of Cricket Bets You Can Win Big At


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world today. With a host of fans all over the globe cheering for their home team or favourite star players whenever a particular team comes out to play, cricket is an amazing game where it comes to providing both excitement, fun and the feel of the best ever rewards if your team wins. Usually, everyone bets on their favorite cricket team with friends and relatives, but what kind of bets do they make when it comes to professional sportsbooks? 

So, tune in and scroll down through this article to get an excellent idea of the types of cricket bets available for all betting enthusiasts to wager on, including ones for the newbies or the new betting enthusiasts, so that they do not have to take huge risks during this very short learning time.

The following is the list of cricket bets types, prepared in conjunction with, that can help you get rich in the real money cricket betting platform if you play your bets right: 

  • Tournament Outright Winner: This cricket bet has greater betting odds on it as the prediction for this one is a little complicated. It is generally only for the long drawn out tournaments such as the ICC Trophy, the Test Series and so on since here, you have to predict the winner of the entire tournament and not just one match. This cricket bet is usually good for experienced bettors. 
  • Series Winner: This cricket bet is for a 3 or 5 match or tournament. If you select and wager on the team that wins the best of 5 matches, then you get the payout. 
  • Over/Under Score: The sportsbook will give you a total score for the entire match. What you have to do is to predict whether the calculated score will be over or under it. 
  • Series Score: This cricket bet lets you place a wager on what you predict might be the complete series score of a championship. The closer you get to the real score, the greater your chances of winning. 
  • Method of Dismissal: Make sure you know the way through which a batsman might be dismissed from the match and you win the bet.
  • Win Toss: For this bet, you choose the team which might win the toss and wager on it. 
  • Toss Combination: For this cricket bet, you will predict which team will win the toss and also what they will choose- batting or bowling. 
  • Odd/Even Runs: Tell if the total runs scored by the team you choose is odd or even. Win if you are correct. 
  • Most Run Outs: Tell the name of the team that will have the highest Run Outs and you win this bet.
  • Man of the Match/Player of the Series: Make sure to correctly state the name of the person who will be the Man of the Match of a championship or series and you will win this cricket bet. 


So, now that you know which bets to place, start small and then work up towards the bets with the higher odds as stated above. Even if you know a lot about cricket, then researching on the pitch and the weather forecast always helps. Remember all these tricks, bet and win BIG.

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