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CS: GO Tuscan Map Now Under Development

The Tuscan Map in CS: GO is undergoing construction. Sources in the game development community confirmed this. Will this re-created map be playable, and how soon will players get to see it? 

Contrary to what many people say, Counter-Strike is not dead. It is still thriving, so much so that there are even real money CS: GO betting sites. It has now become a professional sport—an e-sport, to be specific. 

The Tuscan map was a big issue last year. Many players suggested to the Counter-Strike devs to reconstruct it. It is part of the old maps, and it is high time to give it a facelift. Tuscan is a popular map, and many are surprised that it was not part of Valve’s priority in the maps that they planned to change. 

For a long time, players did not expect it to happen until somebody dropped a bomb on Twitter. This tweet claimed that the creator of the map is now coordinating with others to recreate the Tuscan CS: GO map. It is good news to the fans, and it caused a stir in the Counter-Strike community. 

As of today, the recreation of the map is in the early state. There are no solid plans yet, but we know that the creator is doing it without the intervention from Valve. 

This is good and bad. It is good because we can expect something unique from independent developers. However, it is bad because since Valve is not involved, we have no guarantee if the map will become part of the official game. It may not see the light of day if Valve decides so. 

The developer, Colin, was seen recruiting professional players. He wants players from the top 50 teams to participate and help the creators build the map. If a player is interested, all he has to do is to message Nors3 on Twitter. Nors3 is an insider in CS: GO, and he was the one that dropped the news about the map’s reconstruction.

Even if the map is still under reconstruction, Nors3 shared a photo, which gave all CS: GO fans a glimpse of how it looks like. The photo is a bit animated, and it also looked too bright. This is fine, as this may only be a prototype. It was a necessary move to motivating players to participate in the map development project. 

The marketing strategy worked. A lot of the fans are excited, and they couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. As usual, many demanded answers, like when it will be available. Sadly, there is no concrete answer to this. Although the map development is official, we still do not know if players can access it in competitive mode.

If you are a Counter-Strike fan, you know that Valve refused to use this map in many of its game’s sequels. For some reason, Valve stopped including it in new releases.

Sometime in November 2019, Haci, a Twitter personality, announced that the Tuscan map is going to receive a facelift. 2020 is now about to end, and we still do not have a map. At that time, Haci claimed that fans might see the map in as short as two months. Those two months have long come and gone, and we still do not have one.

The original Tuscan map, known in the gaming community as de_Tuscan, was created in 2007. Older players remember this map well, and many loved the map because of its tight corners. There are also many tight spaces, which made the game a lot more exciting.

Right now, the development is happening in the hands of not only Colin but also Catfood, a game programmer specializing in the language called Ruby. The future of Tuscan is now in the hands of the two best devs out there, and all we can do now is wait. Hopefully, they can finish it soon, and Valve releases it in competitive mode. 

Whether or not it gets released, you can meanwhile play CS: GO. If you do not like to play, you can watch them on live streaming. If you are a real fan, you have to option to wager on your favourite teams. To do this, just head on to Esports betting VulkanBet site and sign up for an account. 

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