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Cool Things About Casino Bonuses to Know

casino bonus

The major objective of online casino games is to entertain participants. In order to make gambling as enjoyable and gripping as possible, software developers and online casinos add special online casino bonuses to their titles. This short article will be your guide into the universe of special offers on gambling platforms. Let’s start!

Introduction to casino offers

Online casino bonuses are special features displayed by web-based gambling platforms to their users. These may also be built-in features of games, usually, online slots. These offers help participants save their cash by rewarding them with additional amounts or attempts. Platforms for gambling give such promotion programs to appeal to new clients with the possibility to win some extra money for free. This also works on - gamers receive a certain bonus amount and might convert them into real winnings.

How do they work?

Different bonuses work differently, and we are going to look at some of the widely-offered variations. But basically, all the best casino bonuses feature the same concept.

If the perk is displayed on a gambling platform itself, a gamer needs to make a request for receiving one. Some perks work on certain slots only, while others add some bonus amount to the gamer’s balance. Special features might come as rewards for achieving something. Usually, bonuses claimed by players come with special playthrough requirements and conditions that define within which time frames the reward is active and should be played through. If you don’t fulfill this percentage, you cannot get your winnings.

Devils Pinball

Bonuses might be triggered as special offers inside the titles. This is relevant for online slot machines. To activate such features, players are required to land special symbols or specific combinations. Special symbols are called Wilds and Scatters. There are a few types of them:

  • Stacked Wild – is a symbol covering the entire reel.
  • Sticky Wild – is a symbol that doesn’t change its position during the following round.
  • Expanding Wild – is a symbol that triggers all the symbols landed in the same row or column.
  • Scatter – is a symbol landed anywhere. If several Scatter symbols are placed on the table, no matter if they are touching, the user receives a reward. Scatter symbols can trigger different perks, but the free spins feature is the most often activated feature.

Forms of online casino bonuses

Play Fortuna Bonuses

Now, when you are aware of the general work of casino special features, you might start getting familiar with the peculiarities of every form of the special offer. Before that, it's necessary to remind you not to pay attention to labels only - explore whether the provider offering perks is reliable and if it’s able to fulfill the displayed conditions.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus is a special feature that is used by web-based casinos to allure new online users. These are perks activated only by ones who don’t have their personal profiles on a certain platform yet. To claim welcome rewards, you should find the platform, create a gambling account and then request a bonus if one is available.

Sign up bonuses might be gifted together with different variations. One of the most frequently requested types is a 100 sign up bonus. This is an offer that rewards a user with 100% of his or her first deposit on the platform. This means that if you deposit $100 you will get $100 more. Such bonuses come with wagering requirements. Usually, these are x25 or x30.

Daily bonus

Daily bonuses are designed to encourage players to return to the platform every day. If they act this way, very often, they don’t even need to claim these types of rewards - they are activated automatically. Since these offers are given for no special occasion, they are not very significant, but this still may be quite helpful.

One more variation is a weekly bonus. Similar to daily bonuses, they are activated once a week. Because they aren’t as frequent, they might be more significant. Usually, gambling platforms reward their clients with small amounts of free spins that might be used for all the available slots or only a specific range of titles.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are special offers that might be claimed after clients fund their accounts. Such features might have limitations on the minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited for this bonus. Similar to many other types of bonuses, they come with wagering requirements.

There are different types of deposit bonuses. 50% and 100% deposit bonuses are the most popular options. Also, platforms might reward their clients for making the 2nd and the 3rd deposits. Some deposit bonuses come in a form of cashback.

Deposit bonuses might reward users with both additional money and free spins. Everything is up to a platform and its conditions.

Free spins

A 100 free spins features are the most popular bonus offer. They are activated in online slots - users get additional attempts to spin the reels, trigger more combinations and win real money without making bets in real cash. As mentioned before, free spins might be triggered inside the games by landing special symbols.

100 free spins casinos allow their clients to use different amounts of free spins, usually, these are 50, 100, 200 free spins offers. Many of them are active only for certain titles. If you want to learn more about how they work, follow to 100 free spins no deposit.

Bonus codes

Bonus codes are used to trigger bonus offers. You can find them on the websites of casinos or on social media. Many gambling platforms also use bonus codes to promote their services. They might be displayed by their partners and affiliates. Such codes reward users with additional perks. To activate such perks, users just type bonus codes when claiming any type of available bonus.


If you like gambling, you should try some of the described bonuses. Except for making your playing more entertaining, bonuses might give you the possibility to save your real money and earn extra cash. But remember to trust only well-established and legitimate gambling providers.

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