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7 Key Points That Needs to Be Considered
Before Playing Fallout 76!

As you try your hands in Fallout 76 for the very first time, you can stay assured of getting treated with a lot of surprises; and because it's an MMO, things may come a bit differently on your course.

That said, these Fallout 76 tips will assist you in claiming XP and caps, completing missions without being hungry or thirsty, selecting the finest perks, and much more.

1. Keep yourself well-fed and hydrated.

The Thirst and Hunger metres are one of Fallout 76's most notable new features. Don't panic if you read that; this isn't a survival situation; being well-fed and hydrated just boosts Action Point regeneration and sickness resistance, so don't disregard the metres.

You'll be more sensitive to disease and deficient in AP if you make the ill-advised decision to ignore them. This isn't good. You only need to make sure you drink some Boiled Water or eat Crispy Squirrel Bits every real-time hour or so if you have them on hand.

You can see how much Thirst or Hunger an item refills by hovering over it in your inventory's Aid section, so as long as you choose your food intelligently, you won't squander a Salisbury Steak on recharging 10% of your Hunger metre.

2. Stay wary of food items you choose.

Food obtained from mutant animals seldom recovers your HP, but it does replenish your Hunger metre. Things that have been boiled, canned, cooked, or are Pre-War, as well as the obvious Stimpacks or Healing Salve, are a good rule of thumb.

Meat is also rotting now, and you can detect how near it is to become disgusting (and extremely likely to infect you) by checking at its CND (condition). The lower the bar, the faster it will devolve into a heap of nasty, slimy mud.

3. Wasteland food comes with all the potential of communicating a disease.

Once you gather meat from a Opossum, Brahmin, Molerat, or Mongrel Dog, you'll notice that the hunk of flesh shows up a Disease Chance percentage in your inventory. So, much like in real life, if you eat it without cooking it first, you risk acquiring an illness.

If it’s an aged meat, and especially rotten meat, it is more likely to infect you with something nasty. You'll then need to find or make a Disease Cure to cure yourself. If you have a habit of eating everything in your inventory, you'll want to keep a couple bottles on hand.

4. Atoms can be obtained by finishing up the tasks.

Whether gathering wood or cultivating a plant to knocking down your first robot, each minor action accomplishes a challenge and rewards you with Atoms and a lovely little fanfare when you first start Fallout 76. These Atoms can be used to purchase cosmetic goods in Fallout 76's micro-transactions. While it's unclear how they'll transfer into real money, if you spend enough time completing challenges, you'll soon be rolling in Atoms.

5. Take anything you can get your hands on.

You'll need materials to make armour, chems, weapons, and mods (as well as build), so your Junk will quickly become valuable. You may be acclimated to disregarding Hairbrushes, Gold-Plated Lighters, Toy Trucks, or Ball-Peen Hammers, once you locate them in everything from a Feral Ghoul's bag to a set of drawers, nevertheless scoop up all of it.

You can later knock them down for weaponry or scavenge them for construction supplies to bulk up your home base, and there's yet another thing we can ensure: you won't regret having a Junk inventory.

6. Earn rewards by performing quests.

Remember the good old days when completing tasks were rewarded solely with XP? That’s a goner in the Fallout 76. Here, you'll be rewarded with a slew of goods commending your hard work. They can be a combination of ammo, aid, plans (recipes that allow you to make new goods), resources and caps, so if you needed another reason to finish missions or participate in Public Events, you now have one.

7. Uncheck any assignments you aren't interested in completing.

Missions may be found practically anyplace in Fallout 76, from locating holo recordings to notes to simply exploring the world. It will be posted to your log as an active mission once you complete it. This is advantageous in terms of not missing anything, but it can result in the loss of the entire zone on the right hand part of the screen.

Furthermore, it will saturate your radar with objective marks, making it nearly impossible to locate any item. So make sure you go to your Pip-Data Boy's tab and deselect anything you're not looking at right now. By doing this, you can concentrate on one task at a time and avoid becoming overwhelmed by your to-do list.

Final word

Fallout 76 makes you explore a plethora of items and quests. Hence, if you find yourself in a bit of dilemma at any given situation, checking on Fallout 76 boost services will prove to be a life saver.

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