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How Compassion Created a Safe Playground


To create a safe playground for children in need, nine Compassion centers requested help. These centers care for over two thousand five hundred children. One Compassion center witnessed the devastation of an unsafe playground, including the death of three children. Compassion friends raised money to donate playground equipment and level the ground. Then they began installing play equipment and clearing the area of debris. They will be installed this week. Read on to learn more about the process of creating a 안전놀이터.

Safety surfacing

One popular playground safety surfacing is made from engineered wood fiber. This material is shredded wood that has been engineered to produce a slip-resistant, impact-absorbing surface. It's biodegradable and can be replaced in short periods. This type of surfacing is suited for areas where fall height is a concern, as it is easily replenished. It's also available in a variety of thicknesses, including a nonslip version.

Not all playgrounds have the same level of safety surfacing, and you have to decide which kind will work best for your needs. For example, some playgrounds are simply covered with wood chips and sand, which offer little protection. Additionally, wood chips will show bare spots over time. Safety surfacing for playgrounds must be able to withstand impacts from multiple heights. It should also be made from durable materials that will last for many years.

Equipment safety

While playing in a playground, children should be aware of the hazards that are present in the playground equipment. Open "S" hooks and protrusions are two of the most common entrapment hazards for children. Swings, slides, and other playground equipment should be sturdy and free of loose parts. The depth of play structures should also be at least six feet, twice the height of the swing bars. The safety of play structures should be inspected regularly, and there should be no dangerous hardware or fasteners. Ensure that playground equipment is installed in compliance with the CSA standards and is of the recommended age for children.

While there are numerous ways to design a 안전놀이터 the most important aspect is equipment safety. The manufacturer of playground equipment should follow strict industry standards and should be certified by various organizations. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a guide to playground safety, and ASTM International, the world's largest developer of standards, offers the Public Playground Safety Handbook. Ultimately, equipment safety is a shared responsibility. In a school playground, every parent, teacher, and child must work together to make the playground as safe as possible.

Climbing equipment safety

While it may be tempting for children to enjoy climbing on playground structures, the safety of these structures is often not as clear as parents think. Climbing equipment is hazardous, but when used properly, it can be safe. For example, the climber should hold onto the equipment with both hands, avoid using their hands to hold onto the equipment when swinging and make sure that they land on both feet when they get down.

Children can experience physical, social, and cognitive benefits from playing on the equipment. By following certain safety measures, accidents caused by falling from playground equipment can be greatly reduced. Always encourage children to use age-appropriate equipment, and make sure the playground equipment you provide meets CSA standards. Also, always ensure that the surface underneath the equipment and around it is appropriate for the child's age. Moreover, it should also be at a safe temperature and non-sticky.

Swing safety

When playing on swings, children should always be supervised, especially small ones. The swings should be built for two people and not more. Children should also be sure to keep the "S" hooks closed to form a figure-eight. Also, they should not stand on the swings or touch moving parts. Swing safety is an essential part of playground design and maintenance. Listed below are some tips for swing safety in the playground.

One of the most important parts of a swing set is the space between the swings. The swing seats must be at least two feet apart, and they must be 30 inches off the ground. The swing sets must be placed six feet from each other and other play structures. Also, there should be six feet of open space on either side of a swing set. Remember to leave plenty of space around the swings. In addition, you should check for sharp points and other unsafe hardware.


The choice of shade structure can be a tough one. You need to consider the cost of the structure, its installation, and maintenance. A custom shade structure may require a material that is resistant to stretching, warping, and fading. You may also need a material with a long manufacturer's warranty. Playworld can help you choose the right fabric for your needs. The following are some factors to consider when choosing fabric for your playground.

- Protect children from harmful UV rays. Choose a shade structure with high UV protection. An example of such a structure is the Playworld Hypar Shade, a 14' freestanding shade structure. Its one-piece fabric blocks 94% of harmful UV rays. The fabric is made of high-density polyethylene and has UV inhibitors. This product provides shade while protecting children from harmful UV rays.

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