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Which Colleges Have Casino Management Programs?

If you have decided to attempt a career in the gambling industry, and instead of becoming a professional player, you want to concentrate on casino management positions, you need to obtain the relevant education. When it comes to casinos, it is essential to have an appropriate understanding of processes and tendencies associated with such establishments.

You can’t just come in and apply basic management approaches that you can learn at any general management course. Fortunately, there are specific Bachelor’s programs that allow obtaining the right knowledge and skills needed for becoming a casino staff member. Below, you can find some of the best colleges that offer casino management programs and teach how to work in such an enchanting and strict environment.

Columbus State Community College (CSCC)

CSCC is one of the largest colleges in Ohio, and it offers a remarkable casino management program. The course provides students with in-depth knowledge of legal and regulatory aspects that are essential to obtain for casino staff of any level.

Moreover, this program allows a broader vision of the casino establishments and their functions within the overall tourism industry. This way, students can manage gambling institutions both locally and globally, work in different parts of the world, and even coordinate the development of a chain of casinos.

Morrisville State College

This college offers two programs in gaming and casino management. What’s remarkable, the institution has a real casino lab for students to practice that was built with industry-standard technologies.

After graduation, you can apply to the entry-level casino management positions in any casino all over the globe, thanks to the American Hotel/Motel Association certificate you get. The program covers casino operations and management, marketing and human resources, security, and F&B management, besides other subjects.

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT)

OSUIT is a small public university inOkmulgee, Oklahoma. Although it is located pretty far from the town, this university is known for providing high-quality education with affordable tuition prices.

The university offers two casino management programs that cover all the basics one needs to know about the casino industry to start working in it successfully. This institution may not seem the best choice at the start, but here, you can gain some exceptional knowledge about the specifics of casino business that you won’t find in more famous colleges. For example, you will learn about slot and table games operations, as well as the latest surveillance approaches.

National University (NU)

National University offers one of the broadest programs for studying casino management. NU has more than twenty-eight campuses all over the US, being one of the biggest higher educational institutions in the country.

The main program is called Casino Operations Management that concentrates on the core specialties, skills, and thinking approaches of a good casino manager. It emphasizes the importance of the proper management of processes and resources of a gambling establishment, providing students with the latest legislative and marketing approaches in the field.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

According to UNLV, you can obtain a Bachelor's degree in Science in Hospitality with a concentration in Gaming management. This course is for those who want to work in casino establishments on management positions, deal with casino accounting, or become gaming regulations and control representatives.

If you want to learn casino business strategies and trends in the gaming industry, understand the mathematics of how the games work, and study approaches of casino marketing and security, there’s a possibility to do it in the heart of Las Vegas. It is one of the best casino management programs to apply for.

UNLV certificate can be compared to Harvard’s one is the gambling industry. By completing this program, you will have higher chances of obtaining a leading management position quickly compared to other employees with an average background.

College of Southern Nevada (CSN)

The casino management program at CSN diversifies for training students for entry-level, supervisory, and managerial positions at casinos. What’s special about these courses is that you can concentrate on the specific casino-related area you can work in and study more subjects related to it.

For example, you can train to become specifically a casino dealer, floor supervisor, surveillance investigator, among other options. Nevertheless, within the program, you will gain all the essential knowledge about slot and table game operations, gaming laws and regulations, casino marketing, and customer service standards. Learn more about Google Pay Casinos here:

The college also has a gaming laboratory, made mostly for dealing classes of Bakkarat, BlackJack, Roulette, and a dozen of other games. What is more, it is possible to earn the associate degree and the certificate of achievement completely online if you are already working in the gambling industry and want to take your career to the next level.

Mesoyios College, Cyprus

Mesoyios College is located in Limassol, Cyprus,in the middle of Europe. It offers short- and long-term programs and business management and hospitality that can be compared with the level of education of the top-rated European universities.

Not many college programs pay enough attention to the online gambling industry that was rapidly developing in the recent decade. In Mesoyios College, besides studying for a degree in casino management, you can take a course in e-marketing and other online-related disciplines.

The International University of Monaco

Monaco is known as the European gambling haven, and studying casino management in one of the world’s gambling capitals is a great chance to take. As seen on The International University of Monaco, you can apply to Luxury Hospitality and Event Management specialty, with casino management being one of the main subjects.

Summing Up

According to Forbes, many casino managers relied on their gut and how things worked all way long, even about ten years ago. Nowadays, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, as one can learn any of the casino management programs available in colleges in the US and abroad.

By learning specifics of the gambling industry, requirements, and approaches of casino-related businesses and personnel management, you can apply to management positions after graduating from the college and utilize and practice the received knowledge.

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