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10 Clever Strategies to Beat Odds in Casino

The casino does look fancy in movies, shows, and online series but it is a whole another game on the floor. Many Hollywood movies have covered an important part of the business and you can watch 21 (2008) movies for how it works.However, it is a ball game in the pool, where you are surrounded by the unknown certainties and experts. We are going to share 10 important strategies for the beginners to win the Casino game in popular locations like LasVegas, Europe and other countries. When it comes to best online casino in Europe, there are several strategies that you need to follow. Let’s get into these strategies next...

1. Fake it

Former UFC Welterweight Champion, George St Pierre said “fake it, until you make it” and it is a relevant quote to the date. The casino is an unprecedented round of poker and your personality makes a huge difference in call-outs. Your physical & mental behavior does say a lot of things about the “win or loses” situation.

Do not lose composure, when you are working out in Casino. Remain composed during good & bad moments of the round and no need to give positive or negative reactionsduring the game. It is not a smart idea to share your reaction and opinion on a good game or win or lose because that tells a lot about your behavior.

2. Practice & Rules

The casino is not a complicated game at all because it is nothing but a game of poker. You have to brush up the skills before placing the bet in the house and it takes two things to get better at this, when it comes to playing online casino slots. You have to practice the game at a lower stage, which will cost you less and you won’t break the bank vault. Play smaller games with average players, which is a good start to understand the game plan.

Many big-time Casinos in the world have experts on the side and you should learn about the dealer's plan. Take time to memorize the rules because every dealer has to play the bout keeping the rules in mind and they won’t bend it to keep you from winning. In the USA, you can hold anyone responsible for the damages and defaming you in the process. Take your time in learning the game and memorize the rules to put yourself at an advantage.

3. Cheap Techniques

Many Casinos don’t want you to win the games and leave the table or house with an empty pocket because that’s how they make money. Over the years, we have seen different individuals set up the company to ensure that the majority of the players on the table lose the money. You will come across new techniques that are designed to fool you and make you lose money. You cannot sue them for being smart because it is not an illegal act and rather a smart diversion.

Let us give you an example, where you have the house, dealer, and players competing against each other. In Casino's life, there is nothing free available on the table, and if someone bought you a drink for free, then it is a sign that your odds are worse. Buy your drinks from now on and avoid someone leaking the information about your winning odds.

4. Flashy Life

The casino is not a simple game that consists of a card deck, dealer, players, and money on the table. It is an open place, where anyone in the empty spot can join, attractive women, security, and many other factors. You want to stay away from the limelight because it brings attention that should be avoided. Maintain a low profile to avoid unnecessary attention from the audience and focus on winning the games.

5. Wrist Watch

Casinos don’t have wall watches, windows, and light ventilators because they don’t want you to know about the outside world. Many poker houses don’t allow visitors or players to keep the phone turned on, so you don’t have any luck here. However, Casino's house cannot ask you to take off the watch or put it aside because there is no such rule in the policy.

The players have to understand the capacity of the human brain and its limitations. You should not spend a lot of time playing the game because your brain won’t function at maximum capacity after a certain period.

If you wake up at 6 AM every day then your brain will function at maximum level during the first 6 hours, and it will start slowing down by the end of the night. Do not push yourself during the wee hours to know when to quit and a watch gives a clear sense of time.

6. Limits

Everyone in the world wins at something, but they don’t have the perception and are narrow-minded. The casino is nothing but gambling, where nothing is orchestrated and is not scripted. The entire game is unprecedented and you should set the limit to keep yourself in control and do not let the people in the gambling house get the best of you.

Set your limits and leave the gambling house when the time runs out, and that’s how you can win in gambling by saving yourself. Do not fall for cheap tricks of the gamblers because they want you to lose money by end of the night.

7. Big Brother

You might have heard about a popular American TV series called “Big Brother” which has been adapted by many entertainment industries around the world. However, the true Big Brother is in the Casino industry and it will be a little surprising for the beginners to learn about it.

The corporate companies are running the Casinos in many major cities in the world and they have a dedicated professional team to keep an eye on the tables. The CCTV monitoring team works closely with the security force and keeps most of the suspicious players out of the gambling house. Smile for the CCTV camera to send a positive message and it will buy you a lot of time.

8. Eyes on the Prize

Modern gambling houses are advanced when compared to the old ways. Now, it’s all bling-bling, flashy, drinks, women, and a loud environment. The dealer is working with the company and they create an environment to eliminate composure & create a strong diversion. Do not take your eyes off the prize and focus on what’s important rather than women and drinks. Do not all for the fancy environment and keep winning the rounds.

9. Don’t Cheat

A Casino is a multi-million-dollar company, who has witnessed numerous players over the years. There have been many individuals, who were able to cheat the system and left the gambling house successful. However, they noticed the player’s actions and banned them for life. The gambling houses have a union, where they share a lot of information, which includes a list of suspicious individuals and that could lead to a permanent ban.

10. Find Sloppy Dealer

Casino dealers are a rare gem to find and many companies are trying to hire professionals because it is a difficult job. The dealers trained to be polite, composed, mannered, communication skills and have other strong aspects. You can take advantage of the sloppy dealer, who doesn’t have strong mental calculation skills and cannot concentrate for long hours.

There are only 200+ professional dealers in the Casino business, which you cannot outsmart but if you, practice properly, then you can always take advantage of the skills that you have earned over the years.

Bottom Line

If you are a poker player then take your time to learn about the Casino rules, policies, and development in the industry because money is a serious business. Do not make silly mistakes and take shortcuts because that can rip you off permanently.

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