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Celebrities Who Love Gambling.
Do They Gamble in Real Life?


Gambling means wagering something which is of value on some event with an uncertain outcome. When we hear the word gambling shiny casinos and Las Vegas come to mind. However, Gambling is not only limited to casinos and card games. Investing in the stock market can also be considered a gamble, few bets take place on games, sometimes people bet on election outcomes. Gambling can go as far as the human mind can conceive of.

Celebrities, we all love them don’t we? We follow their style, try to imitate them, some of us have pictures of them in our rooms. Celebrities and gambling when we think of both many movie scenes run through our brain like the heated poker-playing scene from James Bond Casino Royale, Ocean’s series and many other movies have references to gambling. We see them making a ton of money in movies. Is this the case in real life? Let’s dive into the topic of free roulette.

Celebrities who made a fortune through gambling

Often now and then we hear on the news or social media celebrities gambling in casinos. Some gamble quite often and some advise against gambling. Though gambling in casinos is considered a game of chance. But this is not true for everyone. Proper skill, patience, presence of mind, and analytical thinking can increase the probability of winning. This approach has been proved not only by professionals but some celebrities who are part-time gamblers.

Matt Demon: This Good Will Hunting actor is known for his success in Hollywood. He made a lot of money, some of the money he made is owed to gambling. Thanks to his skill, the same thing which everyone considers as a risk has earned him a lot of money.

Tobey Maguire: This spiderman star the fame he attained through this role can only be superseded by his name in the world of gambling. According to the news, he was part of a high-stakes poker table in which Hollywood stars, investment bankers, and rich individuals play. This is illegally run by Molly Bloom, former Olympic skier. Tobey Maguire made a lot of money in these games.

Ben Affleck: Matt Demon and Ben Affleck are best friends in Hollywood. Like his friend Ben Affleck is also a skilled player when it comes to poker, blackjack, and many other card games. It is said that when you visit a free roulette UK casino in Los Vegas you might have a chance of meeting him there.

Many other celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jole, and many other Hollywood stars are said to have a habit of gambling. Not just Hollywood stars, the habit of gambling is there in all the industries. Some say they have an inner circle in which they play, and stakes also would be very high.

Gamblers turned celebrities

Dan Bilzerian is a full-time gambler turned celebrity with followers of over 35 million on social networking site Instagram. He is said to have accumulated a lot of wealth by playing poker in casinos. He rose to fame after posting his lavish lifestyle on social networking sites.


Like many things free roulette uk gambling also has bright sides and downsides. The bright side is you make money if you have the right skills. The downside is obvious you might end up losing your money. It is advised to anyone to play with caution and responsibility.

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