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Online Casinos Affiliate Programs: How Gambling Bloggers Make Money?

The world of online casinos is hugely profitable. To put this into monetary terms, the global online gambling market has a value of over $50 billion. We have a plethora of websites and apps through which users can place sports bets, and play cool casino games. Due to the popularity of online gaming, a new type of website has arisen – the gambling blog. In this article, we look at gambling blogs, and how they can make money using affiliate/referral programs.

What is a gambling blog?

This type of blog has risen in popularity due to the aforementioned prominence of the online gambling industry. Those who are involved in it, understand the importance of blogging. Blogging helps keep the industry relevant and fresh. It also gives an outlet for marketing and promotion.

So, we will quickly look at the gambling blog itself. Let’s take an example. As you might have noticed, the gambling blog is usually centered on reviews. The blogger provides in-depth insight into what different casinos and sportsbooks have to offer. They may review things such as promotions and bonuses, payment methods, or just the usability of the platform itself. In short, they will let customers know which websites are the best!

A primer on referral campaigns

But, how can a gambling blogger make profit? One of the main ways is by using casino affiliate programs. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective means of monetizing a gambling blog. In the below paragraphs we will explain what an affiliate program is, and how bloggers can use them to earn an income:

What is a casino affiliate program?

At its most basic definition, an affiliate program involves promoting a third-party company/website in return for money. It’s a form of paid advertising/promotion and is used in various different forms throughout the internet. Casino affiliate programs deal specifically with online casinos and casino blogs.

When an online casino runs an affiliate program, they will provide a specific referral link that is tracked using cookies or other web technology. The blogger will sign up to the affiliate program and use this link in their blog or website. As you will see below, by using this link, a blogger can earn money.

How can a gambling blogger benefit from this?

As mentioned above, once you have signed up to a casino affiliate program, you will be given a link or a piece of HTML code to embed in your blog. Each time a viewer of your website clicks that link it will be tracked. Both you and the affiliated casino can view those tracking stats.

There are several different ways in which you can earn money from a casino affiliate program. It is important to read the affiliate terms, and understand how exactly it works – it's not always as simple as receiving cash when a user clicks on the link. The following are some of the types of affiliate programs:

  • Pay per click is the simplest form of affiliate marketing. Essentially, you earn a small sum (really small), each time a user clicks the affiliate link. You need a large volume of clicks to make this type of program profitable.
  • Pay per registered new account is as you would expect; you earn a set fee each time a user clicks your affiliate link and then registers a new account with the third-party casino. The terms and conditions of this program can vary. For instance, some programs may require the user to make a deposit in addition to creating a new account; and only then you will earn a fee.
  • Pay per commission is another common form of a referral program. With it, you earn a small percentage of commission for certain actions that your referred user takes. For example, you could earn a percentage of the revenue a casino makes from the user you have referred – this is known as a revshare (i.e. revenue sharing) program. Percentages can vary anywhere between 10-40%. As for the other affiliate types, make sure to check the terms and look how the commission is awarded.

Making the most of your online casino affiliate program

As you can see, affiliate programs can be really lucrative. The key is to diversify your affiliate programs and not put all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes. Some bloggers make the mistake of simply promoting one referral link. Whilst this can work, it limits your options and potential outlets for profit. What if a user doesn't want to try that casino? You have effectively lost the chance to earn money straight away. If you have a handful of affiliate links to different casinos, however, your users have more choices. As a result, you will have a greater chance of them clicking a link and earning you money.

So, it is advisable to sign up to a myriad of different affiliate programs. The more you sign up to, the greater your chances of success. Ensure that you promote the affiliate links as often as possible. You could consider adding the banners to your blog template.

Furthermore, create specific blog posts for each different casino you are promoting. You could, for example, write a casino review, and include the affiliate link in the text several times, or as a banner at the bottom of the article. Don't forget to make use of social media too – this can be used to promote both your blog posts and the referral links!

Creating a gambling blog can be a fantastic venture. If you enjoy this industry, then a blog can help drive your passion. Moreover, by using casino affiliate programs or the other methods described, you can earn a steady income!

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