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All the Casino Terms and Phrases You Need

Online casino gaming is a fast-growing sector of the global economy, and increasing liberalization of the gaming laws across many jurisdictions means that more people are playing online casino games all the time, in many parts of the world.

When you’re checking out the gaming options at a modern online casino site, such as Barz Casino, you may find that you are not immediately familiar with all the terms and phrases used. As with any form of leisure activity, online casino gaming has its own lingo and jargon, and understanding these phrases can enhance your enjoyment and help you to play safely. Below are some of the key online casino phrases that you need to know.


Volatility is one of those words that is used a lot in the online casino world but that is not often explained. Essentially, it is a way of describing an aspect of a particular game, usually a slot game, in order to compare it with others or to assess its suitability for an individual player.

As you should know, all casino games will lose you money over time. For example, a game may have an RTP (see next section) of 95%, which means that over a period of time, you will get back 95% of the money you wagered⎯you will lose 5%.

That loss, however, will not be distributed evenly. You will have long losing runs and perhaps an occasional winning sequence. Volatility refers to the distribution of these swings in fortune. High volatility games tend to provide for big but rarer wins, while low volatility games provide more frequent but smaller payouts. Overall, however, all slot games will lose money over time.

Return To Player

Sometimes abbreviated to RTP, this is a percentage figure that is used to assess the favorability of a slot game. It is expressed as a number between 0 and 100, and it is typically in the range of 93% to 96%, though rare games may go slightly higher or lower. The RTP also applies to table games, but these are easier for players to calculate as they are based on fixed probabilities, whereas slot game developers can design games with a wide range of probabilities.

Essentially, the RTP figure tells you how much you will lose playing a slot game over a period of time. For example, with an RTP of 96%, you will get back 96% of the money you wager. You will never see a slot machine with an RTP of 100% or higher, as this would mean that the casino was making no profit, or even making a loss. So, while the higher the RTP, the better, a game with a high RTP is still a losing proposition, which is why you should only ever play with money you can afford to lose.

Progressive Jackpots

The progressive jackpot is a form of online casino game that offers potentially enormous payouts, and in some cases, extends to eight figures. Many slot games have big jackpots, but the progressive jackpot can be significantly higher thanks to its system. All the games in a progressive jackpot network are linked and every time they are played, a small fraction of the stake is pooled into one shared jackpot. This has no upper limit and can be won at any time.

It is important to remember, however, that with many progressive jackpots, in order to be in with a chance of winning the big prize, you have to be staking the maximum stake level or close to it. For many, if not most, online casino players, this is not possible while still gambling safely.


On the subject of gambling safety, it is essential that all casino players are aware of the various measures designed to keep you safe, including self-exclusion.

The rapid expansion of online casino gaming, combined with fast payments and mobile accessibility, means that more people than ever before have easy access to a bewildering array of casino gaming experiences. For some people, this can lead to harm.

One method of keeping yourself safe is to utilize a self-exclusion tool. Reputable casino operators will always offer this tool, which effectively bars you from using a casino site, or any related casino sites, for a set time, or even indefinitely. If you find that you are struggling with problem gambling, self-exclusion can give you the space you need to address your problem.

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