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Casino Changes Over the Years

If there is one thing that we can say for certain about us humans, it is that we love to gamble, especially in casino establishments, whether they be online or in the land-based sphere. You only have to look at places like Las Vegas to see exactly what we mean in the modern day - visit 666 Casino. How else would these places be able to afford such outrageously huge buildings and entertainment complexes? 

The history of casinos isn’t quite as simple as you might have initially thought, however, mainly because of legal problems rather than anything else. You see, the government authorities of the world haven’t historically had the best opinion of the gambling industry, and this had made it somewhat difficult for casino establishments to get off of the ground in some cases. Read on for some of the biggest casino changes over the years.

1600s Venice: The first casino 

Something that often surprises avid casino gamblers is the fact that before the 1600s the world didn’t actually have a genuinely legal and regulated casino establishment, with people instead gambling in semi-illegal bars and taverns. The Casino di Venetia, as it was called, was built during the harvest season, originally intended to become a seasonal gambling haven. However, as soon as the Venetian authorities realized how popular it was they made it a permanent fixture in the city. 

The casino industry therefore has Venice to thank, because without this move from the Venetian authorities it would remain to be seen whether or not casinos would exist in the same capacity as they do today.

1800s Europe: Emergence of super casinos 

For the next couple of hundred years there were a few imitators of the Casino di Venetia popping up across Europe, however the casino industry was still in its formative stages. This started to change during the 1800s across Central Europe, as increased wealth resulted in the creation of the very first super casinos. 

Although increased wealth was a huge driver of this, so was the new casino game of roulette that had recently been invented, and was proving to be an incredibly tantalizing prospect for gamblers at the time. In fact, without roulette we’re not sure the super casinos of the 1800s would have ever reached the size that they did.

1900s Las Vegas: A new dawn for casinos 

Las Vegas was created as a kind of testing ground for legalizing gambling in the US after WWI, and it would be a lie to say that it did not work. This amazing city really did help to usher in a new phase of casino gambling, with there being never before seen levels of grandeur and complexity to appreciate. 

The creation of Las Vegas also catapulted casino gambling into the main stream, mainly because the city almost immediately became the subject of many songs, films and books in popular culture.

21st century online casino

Probably the most profound change to happen in the world of casino is the emergence of online casino in the 21st century.

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