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The Biggest Twitch Streamer Celebrity Wins of 2021


This year has been huge for Celebrity Twitch Streamer Roshtein, not only has his following on Twitch and across various social media platforms grown significantly, so have the wins he's been achieving playing the slots. At the end of 2020 despite being one of - if not the - most popular Twitch casino gambler, Roshtein's maximum pay-out from any single slot while streaming was only €107,125, which he won playing the Book of Dead slots game.

Since the beginning of 2021 however, Roshtein's wins have blown out to much higher amounts, eclipsing his old records and ushering in a new era of extreme wins for the Twitch casino playing superstar. We've compiled a list of Roshtein's top 5 biggest wins so far in 2021, but who can say when these records themselves might be broken.


#5. €500,000 on Fruit Party Slot

2021 started off with a bang for Roshtein, as he broke multiple records in the first month of the year. Following a huge €326,345 win he made on January 7th, also playing Fruit Party Slot, Roshtein once again pushed the boundaries of what Twitch Casino streamers knew to be possible.

This time, on January 21st, he broke through the €500,000 benchmark, screaming as he jumped up and down in disbelief of the win. Fruit Party has always been a favorite of Roshtein and his dedication to playing this particular slot game in January this year did not disappoint. Little did he know however, that he would soon be smashing through that record with his next epic win.

#4. €1,000,000 on Book of Shadows Slot

After Roshtein's incredibly January, none of his records were broken until April. On the 16th of April, the very lucky Twitch casino streamer hit the jackpot, netting himself a very nice €1,000,000 playing Book of Shadows Slot. After screaming out "I've got a million, I've got a million!" over and over, while jumping up and down, Roshtein's friend entered the stream to join in the celebrating of this milestone win.

#3. €1,425,000 on Gates of Olympus Slot

While this win happened after Roshtein's current #1 win for 2021 - and of all time - it's still such an epically large amount that it deserves a mention on this list. Less than a week after Roshtein broke all records with his biggest win ever, he followed up with this very nice take home from the Gates of Olympus slot game. Roshtein screamed: "Yes! Yes! That's what I do!", over and over as he revelled in the massive pay-out he had just won.

#2. €2,008,800 on Mystery Museum Slot

Very recently on August 9th, Roshtein broke the €2M mark for the second time, with his massive win on Mystery Museum. He posted on his Instagram alongside a video of his win, the words: "2 MILLION! CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE HATERS SEE THIS ONE! LOVE YOU ALL". Roshtein screamed, clapped, and jumped up and down in his typical celebratory style, and the win unfolded. The celebrations for this win however, were not quite as extreme as the first time he broke the €2M slot win mark, one month earlier in July.

#1. €2,500,000 on Fruit Party Slot

Back to one of the old favourites - Fruit Party. If you look at Roshtein's history of wins, it's no surprise that he loves playing this particular slot game. While his #5. win on this list - playing the same game - is nothing to be scoffed at, this €2.5M win breaks all previous records. Roshtein couldn't believe his eyes when the total of his win showed up on screen, having to double check what he saw was correct. This July 6th win is currently (as of mid-August) Roshtein's World Record Slot Win, and the next milestone he'll be trying to beat from here on in.

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