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The Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

Biggest Casino Wins

Gambling is an entertaining activity and sometimes, can bring fortunes to the luckiest players. There are 4 people that managed to break world records playing just for fun. Some of them win over millions. Should we blame their skills, intuition or luck? Let’s see that in the following paragraphs. 

$590.5 millions – Gloria MacKenzie

How many of us wouldn't want to wake up with half a billion dollars in the bank account? Playing casino games when we feel lucky may change our life sometimes. That’s the story of Gloria McKenzie, an 84 years old woman who managed to hit an epic win of 590.5 million dollars. Wonder what she played? She always fancied lottery games. The colossal win was brought by none other than PowerBall. 

After her husband died, she decided to move to Florida and later put her luckiest numbers on a ticket. Some rumors said that Gloria used the same number for years. This woman's life turned 360 degrees as she did not have her own house or enough money to help herself and her family. Winning the PowerBall jackpot was for sure life-changing for her. The chances for her to win were 1 to 292,201,338. 

After paying the taxes to the state, Gloria remained with 278 million dollars, which is still impressive.

Biggest Casino Wins

$40 millions - Archie Karas

The second player that's on our top 4 is Archie Karas, a Greek gambler born on 1 November 1950. In 1995 Archie drove his way to Las Vegas, Nevada with 50 dollars and a 10,000 USD loan. What did he do with the loan? He was inspired enough and played poker until he won 40 million dollars. A year later, he lost his fortune due to gambling addiction and high-stakes on poker and other games.

Since he spent his fortune, he had nothing else to do than to play with lower stakes. From thousands of dollars, he staked only hundreds. This mad journey was a rollercoaster as he traveled from city to city to win some money back. From 200 USD he won 980,000 USD at Binion casino. 

Did you know that Archie Karas was popular for his luck? His decisions turned hundreds or thousands of dollars into millions in seconds.

$22.6 millions – Johanna Heundl

We move on with our top to Johanna Heundl, another lottery winner that made history, but this time with MegaBucks. The magic happens once again in Las Vegas, at Bally’s casino when Johanna Heundl decides to try out her luck on the famous MegaBucks. The truth is she played video slots and then wanted to invest 100 bucks on Megabucks. Even if she was hesitant at first and wanted to eat something at Bally's restaurant she played.

When she won the jackpot, she didn’t even realize and a random man that played at Megabucks jumped and kissed her. He simply realized that she won a huge jackpot. As juicy as this story goes, Heundl couldn’t believe her eyes. The first check was nearly 1 million dollars. 

Even today, Heundl goes and tries her luck on Bally’s and even bet 100 USD on Megabuck to celebrate her birthday like no other.

Biggest Casino Wins

$18.9 millions – An Anonymous Gambler

An anonymous gambler wins a whopping 18.9 million on a well-known video slot produced by Microgaming. Yes! You guessed it right! It’s no other than Mega Moolah. This jackpot was claimed in 2018 at Grand Mondial Casino. His/her story may be life-changing as this anonymous player wasn’t a high roller like Archie Karas.

He/She logged in to the player account from their smartphone and bet as low as 0,75 USD at a spin. The jackpot game triggered randomly, and the wheel stopped at the MEGA jackpot, ranked at 18.9 million. 

Did you know that Migrogaming paid over 1 billion dollars in jackpots?!


Even if you play from your mobile phone, tablet, or at an offline casino, you will never know when you can hit a huge jackpot just like these 4 gamblers. Play responsible and smart, and one day, you may even surpass the winnings described above.

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