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Can You Bet on Sports Broadcasting
From Other Countries?

Sports fans do not always have it easy, and watching something that is not airing in your country can seem difficult. Thankfully, there are a few ways to catch broadcasts that are not in your home country – and to bet real money on them, too.

Choosing a Sport

If you are looking for a new sports broadcast just so you have something fresh to bet on, then it is important to find the right kind of sports broadcasting for your goals. Different countries might have their own variations on how certain sports are handled, especially ones without international leagues.

Cricket is a good example – it is not as common in some parts of the world, so you will not run into it as often. This could make it a new experience for you, but it also means that you are going to have to learn the specifics of how the sport works if you do not already know.

Choosing a Country

The country that you are trying to bet on can matter since they will all have their own specific laws and requirements when it comes to making sports bets. There can also be limitations on how you can view their sports broadcasting material or even the times that sports can be shown live.

Choosing the right country makes a huge difference. In some, it may be outright illegal to bet on sports in specific ways, and there could be restrictions on how online betting works internationally.

A betting website that operates in multiple countries will need to be registered in all of those countries, but it also sometimes makes it a lot easier to bet on sports that are not happening in yours. If a site is not registered somewhere, then it generally can’t legally operate there.

Betting Safely

Staying safe when betting overseas is important since you can't always rely on your own language to do things correctly. 

  • Translations

Other countries often default their websites to other languages, but they may not have an option to switch to a properly-translated version. Even if your browser allows instant translation, it will not be exact, so it is important to be careful when you are looking at key legal information or T&Cs.

For example, the term 안전놀이터 (a Korean word meaning “overseas soccer broadcast”) is not going to be immediately obvious to most people without a translation tool. Making assumptions can cause problems, so take your time before committing to anything.

  • Choosing a Site

It is always important to choose a site that you can trust, so do not make any compromises. It is a good idea to look up any websites that you are planning to use, especially if they are sites meant for other countries that you are not familiar with. The more you research, the better.

  • Finances

Make sure you have a decent level of security before using a foreign site. You do not want to connect your bank details to a website that might not even be legitimate, so be sure to have a middleman account or some other way of protecting your money if you make a mistake.

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