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Have You Never Bet on Sports in Singapore? We've Got Your Back

Have You Never Bet on Sports in Singapore? We've Got Your Back

Since the popularity of online gambling and because it has been allowed in Singapore since 2016, a wide range of betting sites can be found in the Lion City. Many of the top overseas operators serve gamblers, who have a difficult time finding local bookies. Our suggested bookmakers have you covered whether you want to wager on Singapore to win the AFF Championship or on Basketball Club to win the NBL.

Bettors at International Bookmakers and Singapore Pools

The Singapore Pools is well-known among Singaporeans as the go-to place for wagering on sports events. You may bet on sports in person, online, or via a mobile app at this state-run lottery. It is recommended that first-time bettors in these pools check out a variety of Singapore-based online sportsbooks before making their first stake.

If you are looking for a bookie that accepts bets from Singapore residents, you have many options. The minimum age requirement to join Singapore Pools is 21. You must be at least 21 years old to register an account and make wagers over their website or over the phone. However, most offshore bookies accept customers as young as 18 years old.

There are a number of benefits that can only be found on offshore betting sites that are not available to domestic bookmakers. Bets may only be made on football, motorsports, and horse racing through Singapore Pools, although a far larger variety of sports is available on websites established in other nations.

In many circumstances, the odds provided by these offshore sites are superior to those provided by the Singapore Pools. In comparison to foreign operators, the Pools do not give as generous a welcome bonus or other incentives when making a first deposit. Betting with foreign bookmakers may be both more fun and more successful if you keep the above considerations in mind.

Foreign Bookmakers' Deposit and Payout Policies

The best international sportsbooks accept a wide range of deposits. Some of these options are very well-liked among Singaporeans. Online banking can't be beaten when it comes to ease of use. You may often send funds from your bank account to the betting site using any of the main Singaporean online banking services.

A digital wallet is another popular payment method. You may use these services to set up a digital bank account and store your money there. Skrill is the most popular choice, however some sites may provide other methods. Your e-wallet will store the money you deposit, allowing you to withdraw your wins or make deposits at international bookies.

When it comes to wagering, which sports are the most popular in Singapore?

When it concerns online gambling in Singapore, there are a few sports that consistently get the most attention. Here are some of the most widely bet-upon sports in Singapore.


There's no contest: football is the most popular sport in Singapore for both live viewing and online wagering. Many individuals place wagers on the Champions League of European soccer and other international competitions like the World Cup.

When it comes to spectator sports, basketball has maintained its popularity in Singapore, and the national team has had some success in regional competitions. However, there are places online where you may wager on the outcomes of major basketball tournaments held throughout the globe. Some sportsbooks allow wagers on basketball competitions outside of the NBA, including those played in Europe and Asia.


Singapore's cricket team is quite competitive in regional tournaments, particularly when against Malaysia and other Asian neighbours. From Singapore, bettors may place wagers on local leagues and international tournaments like the Indian Premier League. Major international sporting events, like the Cricket World Cup, are open for wagering as well.

Other Sports

In Singapore, you may place wagers on many different sporting events. Betting on badminton may be accepted at offshore bookies for major athletic events like the Olympics. Bookmakers also accept wagers on rugby union matches, in addition to football.

The best bookmakers will have areas set out just for betting on international horse races. Whether you're a lover of the NFL, NHL, or MLB, you'll find a sportsbook to suit your needs at any of the bookies we suggest.

Summing Up

There are still plenty of opportunities for gamblers in Singapore, despite the fact that the rules regulating gaming here are a little bit different from those elsewhere. Many of the largest and most popular international online bookmakers are now accepting clients from Singapore.

Sports bettors may choose from several markets, generous bonuses, advantageous odds, and convenient deposit and withdrawal options. Thus, before making any commitments, make sure you research the bookies we've recommended. Each and every one of the sportsbooks we endorse provides a risk-free environment in which to place wagers.

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