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Best WoW TBC Classic Addons
and How To Install Them

If you want to make World of Warcraft BC Classic a little easier, you can change everything possible with addons. AOEAH shows you the best addons for different areas and explains how to install them.

WoW TBC Classic Addon

Addon list for WoW TBC Classic: With addons you can get additional information about opponents, quests and items, adjust your interface or get more performance from your class. Most of the best players hardly ever gamble without such modifications. This also applies to BC Classic. That's why we've put together the most useful addons for you here.

Best Addons For Dungeons and Raids in WoW TBC Classic

The Burning Crusade offers a total of 16 dungeons and 9 raids, some of which will only be unlocked over time with the coming phases. However, you can already visit most of this PvE content and with the right addons you can get through it more easily.

Deadly Boss Mods
Deadly Boss Mods, DBM for short, provides you with information on all possible abilities in raids and dungeons. The addon tracks the abilities of bosses with timers or issues warnings if you have to evade or scoff as a tank.

You can move the various bars and displays freely and arrange them in the interface in a way that best suits you. We recommend: important information further in the middle, cooldowns and less relevant information further outside.

The details are actually a so-called damage meter, i.e. an add-on that records the damage to the players in the group. Such addons are sometimes frowned upon in Classic, but have details! lots of options that make it extremely useful.

You can use the add-on to track which skills have damaged players, who interrupted spells or used consumables. Such information helps in troubleshooting problems to address potential problems with a boss.

"Details!" even comes with the "Tiny Threat" plugin, which shows the threat to targets. This is particularly useful for tanks, but also for DPS players to make sure that an opponent does not suddenly change targets.

WeakAuras is probably one of the most versatile addons around. You can use it to create so-called “auras” that show you all kinds of things: cooldowns of your skills, buffs or even boss skills.

You can either create such auras yourself or you can get ready-made settings (via WeakAuras has support for every class, every specialization and just about every content in WoW. Note that some auras only use English magic names and can cause errors with a German client.

With GTFO you have a useful tool at hand that can save you from death. The addon emits loud, acoustic signals when you are in areas that cause damage or kill you - so-called "Void Zones".

Since some of these areas are not necessarily easy to see in BC Classic, GTFO will help you with loud noises and warnings. The add-on is also extremely useful if your character is obscured by other settings, for example.

Best Addons For Leveling and Quests in WoW TBC Classic

The level phase in The Burning Crusade lasts significantly longer than in retail WoW. With the right add-ons, you can save time or get a few amenities that the game does not yet offer.

With Questie you basically get exactly the Quest overlay that Retail-WoW already has. You get available quests on the map and as soon as you accept a quest, Questie tells you where to do it.

This saves you from reading quest texts, which is what makes quests fun for some players. So use Questie wisely. The add-on can also be useful, for example if the texts are difficult to decipher or are ambiguous.

Questie also shows you quests on the map that you might never have discovered in the last 14 years because they are so hidden.

For many dungeons and raids in Burning Crusade you first need an access quest or a key, the so-called "Attunement". These quests usually require a lot of work and are chained in long lines.

Attune shows you exactly where and when you can start which quest series and which steps you have to do next. So you can make preparations while leveling in order to start later in the endgame.

Best Addons For Interface in WoW TBC Classic

With some add-ons you can change how WoW looks and get more information that the game does not provide you with by default. Usually these extensions help with the overview and organization of your interface. These addon can display a lot of information like your location, WoW TBC gold, repair status, and the number of bag slots you are using.

TradeSkillMaster (TSM)
TradeSkillMaster (TSM for short) is a trade add-on that gives the auction house a completely new look. With TSM you can filter for several items at the same time, enter different parameters and see the cheapest price immediately if many items are listed. In Burning Crusade, auctions are not listed as clearly as in Retail by default.

In addition, you can always see the current market price of various items by scanning the auction house or using a companion app. Since TSM also supports your professions, you can even use the addon to see directly how expensive it is to produce an item and whether it is worth selling.

With advanced settings, you can also move items into "groups" and buy and sell them comfortably using a macro. For this, however, you need a good overview of the market for your server.

Bagnon combines your bags into a single inventory, so you can see all your collected items at a glance. This saves you having to sort and arrange the bags.

In addition, with Bagnon you have a view of your bank from anywhere without having to visit a city. In your inventory, objects that you cannot use or important items are highlighted with borders.

With ThreatPlates you can customize the name badges of opponents. You will then not only see a red bar above their heads, but will also receive some information, such as the level of the opponent and his name. There are different designs to choose from.

But the most important thing is: Next to the nameplate is the current target of the opponent when you are attacked. A color code tells you how high your current threat is on the target. White means low threat, yellow means medium and red means high threat.

This is particularly useful for tanks to quickly see which of your targets is attacking one of your DPS players. DDs recognize so quickly where they should be more careful or even make a short stop.

How To Install addons on WoW TBC Classic?

If you want to install addons manually, you simply have to download the files from our linked websites and unzip them in the following folder:

[…] \ World of Warcraft \ _classic_ \ Interface \ AddOns

However, each time you have to check whether there was an update and download it again. It's more practical with a manager. We recommend WoWUp, which you can get on the official website (via

With WoWUp you can easily download and install addons from different sources, whereby the program can manage WoW Classic, BC Classic and Retail at the same time. Use a dropdown menu to choose the version for which you want to install or update add-ons.

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